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Campus Master
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
4. Juni 2015 um 5:29 Uhr
18. Dez. 2015 um 1:10 Uhr
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Developer Log 0.0.4
What would you do with big dreams and just a few bucks in your pocket? Of course, start small! You start with just enough money to buy a small area of grassland. Build your own small basic school - stone by stone and room by room - to be able to educate your grade schoolars. Get them to pass grades by providing them a good education environment, a well designed school infrastructure, well trained staff, and the equipment needed to satisfy your students needs. Increase your income by buying more land, expanding, and teaching higher grades. Build more profitable equipment over time, and increase your reputation to attract more and more students.

Take care of each of your students with their personal strengths and weaknesses - a student who failed to pass a grade will damage your reputation and make his friends angry. And believe me, you dont want your students to become angry!

Become the best school around and develop from a small basic school to an elite university. Earn more and more money, educate a wider area of students, train your staff to become able to handle any grade of class, and always keep an eye on your students and their increasing needs, to become the best Campus Master they have ever seen!

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23. Juli 2015 um 1:54 Uhr
Your ideas and wishes
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23 Kommentare
legopikmin 19. Mai 2016 um 12:00 Uhr 
I'm actually hyping for this game.
Pad  [Autor] 19. Mai 2016 um 9:47 Uhr 
Hey. Im sorry, i dont update the steam group too often because nobody notices about that. You can see the latest changes on twitter: https://twitter.com/CampusMaster

If the next developer log is ready i will post it here too.
MtheF 19. Mai 2016 um 7:10 Uhr 
So, what's the status of the game and development? Last update was a while ago...?
XxBoonexX 1. Jan. 2016 um 9:23 Uhr 
The game is looking great, as a massive fan of Prison Architect, and Rim World, I can easily see the potential. Good luck on the green light. I look forward to playing your game!
legopikmin 5. Dez. 2015 um 17:55 Uhr 
Totally gonna play this for Youtube! I was homeschooled, so it'll be freaking hilarious! I have no idea how old you are for what grades I never learned that XD
MonkeyboyGamer 15. Nov. 2015 um 4:18 Uhr 
Looking forward to see more from this game!
Pad  [Autor] 10. Nov. 2015 um 12:59 Uhr 
Thank you. We will release a new video with the latest state within this week :)
ChocolateHalo 10. Nov. 2015 um 11:10 Uhr 
nice game idea, any more recent activity by any chance? :)
Zetsumei Ikari 9. Nov. 2015 um 14:54 Uhr 
Could you not just do this as a mod for PA?
yellowface7 1. Nov. 2015 um 18:50 Uhr 
Excited for the future of this game!