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Garry's Mod

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15. Mai 2014 um 23:35 Uhr
29. Feb. 2016 um 18:44 Uhr
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Prophunters is a gamemode based on the classic Prop Hunt. The aim was to give it a cleaner look, less buggy mechanics and balanced gameplay.

Prophunters is a variation on hide and seek. The props team has to hide as objects around the map known as props .The hunters team has to find and kill them.

Improvements from classic Prop Hunt
- Improved HUD
- Locking disguise rotation (with C)
- Choosing a taunt from a menu instead of random
- Won't get stuck when disguising
- Dynamic round timer
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21. Jan. um 14:07 Uhr
How to play it?
4. Dez. 2016 um 19:24 Uhr
can change round time?
8. Aug. 2017 um 11:51 Uhr
Getting some "Error Vertex File".
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PootisCrisp 14. Juli um 12:36 Uhr 
its not showing up
I used this mod for 4 months now but now when I want to swith between this and the sandbox this mod dissapeared....
Dr.PanCakes 13. Juli um 21:34 Uhr 
If you are seeing through walls just disable any FAS guns temporarily
Xghostgamer360X 13. Juli um 3:51 Uhr 
this was the only prophunt gamemode that would work for me, thank you so much:steamhappy:
KoviSVK 8. Juli um 3:44 Uhr 
its creating some script errors for me how do i repair it?
addezero 25. Juni um 13:56 Uhr 
how to i swap team
Jackzito 18. Juni um 12:04 Uhr 
Hey!I would like to ask How do i find The Radio taunt, Because this audio Looks Good..
Ishamael 🌸 27. Apr. um 18:45 Uhr 
Thanks for the mod! Is there a way to get it to use the "MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting" at the end of the round instead of the built in map vote?
๑ ⊱ ๑ 16. Apr. um 22:51 Uhr 
you have any idea how to add Custom Taunts to Prop Hunt folders? and not some Work Shop addon either, I mean the real deal.
Kedar8520 28. März um 16:01 Uhr 
This one
Bodas 11. Feb. um 14:31 Uhr 
can u run?