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Super Trench Attack!
Genre: Action, RPG, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
14. Okt. 2013 um 11:15 Uhr
26. Jan. 2016 um 19:48 Uhr

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BETA version 3.4! is now live!
Super Trench Attack releasing on Steam, Thursday, 24th July!
Super Trench Attack! is a goofball twitch-shooter based in a World War setting.

Game Features
  • Unique targetting system, perform headshots and footshots,
  • 90FPS gameplay,
  • 4 huge open areas to explore,
  • 16 varied missions, including boss fights and shooting galleries,
  • Buddy AI to help you out,
  • Arcade style topdown shooting,
  • Goofball bonkers humor,

    The Dastardly Black Army has invaded your homeland! The only thing between them and victory stands one man. A new recruit with a penchant for naked lady magazines and an eye for headshots. Enter the crazy world of Super Trench Attack.

    Press Reviews

    Ursprünglich geschrieben von Pixeljudge website:
    All in all, there's a lot to like. All of the complaints from Medal Wars have been addressed, leaving behind a game that is a lot more fun. The challenge is still there, but it's now the good, rewarding kind of challenge instead of rage inducing. Though it remains something of a niche experience, those within the niche will have many hours of enjoyment ahead of them.
    PixelJudge - 4/5[pixeljudge.com]
    Ursprünglich geschrieben von RawketLauncher:
    It's the laid back fella of the gaming world, and is looking for people with similar mindsets who can overlook some minor issues while having a truckload of fun. If I had to point out a major annoyance of the game, it would be its end because I never wanted it to end.
    RawketLauncher - Rawket Approved[rawketlawncher.tumblr.com]

    System Requirements : 1GHZ CPU, 512MB RAM, 168MB Hard-drive

    Desura Page[www.desura.com]
    Official Website[www.supertrenchattack.com]
    IndieDB Page

    Order your copy here![www.supertrenchattack.com]
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20. Juni 2014 um 9:49 Uhr
Linux Support?
28. Dez. 2013 um 13:08 Uhr
Крутая игра!
6. Apr. 2014 um 12:13 Uhr
Imac support
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194 Kommentare
Reclusse 3. Feb. 2015 um 15:37 Uhr 
dang considering how werid looking this game is its acully very hard im stuck on a boss now and i cant get past it :D
Bluestargeneral  [Autor] 26. Juni 2014 um 2:52 Uhr 
Update : The Steam paperwork is done, and I'm now finally working on the Steam build. I'll try to implement as many requests I have received.
Miguelonssio 20. Juni 2014 um 7:42 Uhr 
nice game
AlloyForce 19. Juni 2014 um 5:31 Uhr 
awgh finally! :D
Ryn Flemyng 14. Juni 2014 um 10:09 Uhr 
Love the tounge in cheek approach ... watch out for those cheeky monkeys ...
daoko 12. Juni 2014 um 8:22 Uhr 
FINNALY! CONGRATULATIONS! I'VE WAITED A LONG TIME, THE DEMO WAS GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I even tried to spread the game's news on forums but I got banned. xd
meshuggah12345 11. Juni 2014 um 22:43 Uhr 
Congrats cant wait to play on steam!
Bluestargeneral  [Autor] 11. Juni 2014 um 18:56 Uhr 
Retro Army would like to thank everyone who voted and has shown this game support over the many years! The new updated Version 3.0 will be released soon.
General Chaøs™ 11. Juni 2014 um 17:48 Uhr 
Congrats on the Green Thumbs Up
Marsh 7. Juni 2014 um 16:39 Uhr 
a very fun game.