ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection v08.06.17.39 [Discontinued]
Erstellt von jslay


Major thanks goes out to these AWESOME people for helping me pull this version together!

UI Help - Woeful Macabre
Sanity Checks - Mezzo
Model and Texture Design - MRR...
TCs Auto Rewards v1.11.1
Erstellt von TimmyCarbine
MOD ID: 1260983937
Clean & Stackable


TCs Auto Rewards
This mod allows server admins to configure “Packs” to be purchased by their players using a currency which can be eithe...
Classic Flyers
Erstellt von Ertosi
Brings back the classic flyers we've all known and love! This mod gives vanilla flyer species back all of their pre-nerf'd stats. Yes, that means they can level speed again.

Mod Id: 895711211

Ursprünglich geschrieben von PC Gamer:
restores winged dinos to pre-nerf glory [.
Difficulty 6+
Erstellt von MashhitDK
What does this mod do?
  • Sets the difficulty max to 6...
    - Which enables dinosaurs to spawn from level 1 and up to 180 in the wild
  • Enables you to set your very own player and dino cap level (Up to 4201)
    - Added 4119 new entries for b
StackMeMore (v1.51)
Erstellt von Default
***PLEASE NOTE*** This mod was originally created by Simiyet as well as the preview image. Credit goes to him for this mods Idea. This is a re-worked and updated version of SMM, and I will continue to mai
Structures Plus (Open Source)
Erstellt von orionsun

- All items can be picked up
- No building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations
- Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- Sloped walls can s...
Erstellt von NarKotix
[ModID: 1156355959]

Another flagship member of the EZ Suite!


WARNING: May NOT be compatible with Single Player & Non-Dedicated Servers

EZAce will allow you to unlock and learn ALL Aberra...
Utilities Plus
Erstellt von blitzfire911
Utilities Plus
Is a modification for ARK Survival Evolved that adds a version of many existing items that can be used over and over again plus some quality of life items such as:

* Reusable Bola
* Reusable Flare Gun
* Reusable Grappling H...
Rare Sightings
Erstellt von Ertosi
An automated server event system. Rare Sightings allows a limited number of higher than max level dinos to occasionally spawn and notifies the entire server when they do. Tame them or slay them first for unique rewards!

Mod Id: 1300713111

Editable Server UI (WBUI)
Erstellt von Don Camillo

Editable Server UI
Clean and stackable
The UI will be shown if you hit "F1" per default. it is adjustable via GUS.ini / ingame as admin

How to configure this UI:
Tranquilizer Hunting Rifle
Erstellt von Biggumzzz
Adds a powerful Tranquilizer Rifle and Tranquilizer Dart, dealing 350 Instant Torpor and 150 extra Torpor over 5 seconds and only works on Wild Dinos by default.

Configurable INI Options are included to change Torpor Amounts and what it works on ! :)
Bitou2k's Binocular
Erstellt von Beetle2k
MOD ID: 1136125765

Bitou2k's Binocular; The ultimate long-range reconnaissance spyglass tool.

★★★ 322k SUBs ★★★

This mod is Clean and Stackable.
This mod brings you an Spygl...
Automated Ark 2.52
Erstellt von blitzfire911
With over 2000 hours of development and testing, Automated Ark seeks to eliminate the tedious chores in Ark and provide an all in one storage system so you can spend more time Raiding Dinos and Taming Players!

For an...
Erstellt von Shooter
This Mod is mainly for but can be used by anyone.

ArkSpeed adds usefull structures and items for PvP Servers.

So far it adds following items/structures. Workstation
-> used to craft most of the ArkSpeed...