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Planter & Compost guides and pickup (may 2018)
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3. Mai 2018 um 17:18 Uhr
10. Mai 2018 um 7:41 Uhr
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Planter & Compost guides and pickup (may 2018)

Changes the guide part of the UI for these two, added some information off wiki to make it more clear which seeds and items to use. Also allowed them to be picked back up to reposition.
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aram83 6. Mai 2019 um 20:37 Uhr 
Some of the info. seems to be outdated. For example, hardened steel bar is now steel and brimstone but the list says steel, steelfire and something else don't remember. Furnace wouldn't make it, looked it up on conan wiki. Too bad, loved having it in-game instead of having to alt tab and wait forever for the browser to load. Game is pretty heavy so going in and out of game takes time. I'll keep checking back though for an update if no one else makes this mod instead.
[Box] Sakitaco 22. Apr. 2019 um 16:15 Uhr 
I've noticed the same issue with grubs no longer spawning. However, I really appreciate having a recipe sheet RIGHT THERE. So nice. I'd love if this was expanded to other stations and possibly the text made larger (where there's actually space for it, anyways.)
captainbeefcake 22. Apr. 2019 um 8:53 Uhr 
Thank you for making a great mod.
I am also getting the problem with no fat grubs from the composter.
the_asphyx 17. Apr. 2019 um 14:25 Uhr 
Great mod... a couple of problems I am having.

1. Composters don't produce fat grubs, I use them for my Ostrich Feather Farm.
- Uninstalled your mod, and it works again... strange.

2. Pet Manure recipe not added to composter... minor thing.
Zoe Q'rk 10. März 2019 um 11:42 Uhr 
Spindle, is the mod still functional?
Goobyloo 18. Juli 2018 um 3:18 Uhr 
HI, Do you update your mod with the latest compiler?
Bonbaron 17. Juli 2018 um 11:19 Uhr 
+1 Hope you will add more recipes to the other stations... is very very helpful.. Thank you
ĐΔʁҜ ⋨ѻטⱠ 26. Juni 2018 um 7:19 Uhr 
I know Fluid Press press allot, had be nice to see what u get of stuff :steamhappy:
BlackStone 18. Juni 2018 um 14:28 Uhr 
Font is way to small to see. Its pointless if you can't read it.
Souless13 21. Mai 2018 um 4:12 Uhr 
The hardened steel bar recipe is wrong. 2 steel bar 1 brimstone for one bar.