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Dino Tracker
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Dino Tracker

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Find your Dinos easily with this Mod,

Just craft a Dino Tracker
  • Available at Lvl 25
  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 1 Crystal

With Leftclick it will open an UI where you can select the Dino you are looking for,
rightclick will show the last Dino you searched for.
An Arrow will show you the direction where the Dino is, the Dino will also highlighted with a green beacon.

It will find your Dinos ALL across the Map no Matter on what map you are

If you like the Mod, consider giving it a Thumbs up

ModID: 924933745

Admin Spawncode:
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoTracker/PrimalItem_DinoTracker.PrimalItem_DinoTracker'" 1 0 0

Engram Entry:

Ini options for:
Finding Wild Dinos (Default On)
Tracking Tribe Member (Default On)
Tracking Death Points (Default On)
Tracking Wild Dinos (Default Off)
Tracking Allied Players (Deafult On)
just add:

in your GameUserSettings.ini

Feel free to report Feedback and Bugs to our Discord at:

Special Thanks to Neothom for borrowing me some of his Code

If you like our Work, feel free to Support
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748 commentaires
Foxen 13 févr. à 15h03 
SUGGESTION: Right clicking would repeat the last query to the tracker. IE, if you clicked on local wild dinos, it would bring that window up again. If you asked it to locate one of your dinos, it would repeat that action instead of you having to go back through the menus again.
BaK 13 févr. à 8h34 
Also couldnt get right click to work, and when mounted on a dino the arrow it produces can be almost impossible to see, as its smaller than most ridable dinos... otherwise a great mod. It would also be nice if there was a check to see if the UI was loaded so it doesnt double (or a lot more) load at once - which can be a problem if people are using autoclickers and forget its equiped. - Fix these issues and there is nothing else i could possibly say to make this mod any better <3
Kodiak-Rush 9 févr. à 23h16 
Works like a treat. I couldn’t get the right click to work but still found my missing Dino. Thank you
KhaoZ 2 févr. à 9h33 
Hello ark friends come check out a long time running cluster of servers we have been around for over a year. Recently our servers stopped showing on so we have to advertise a new way 50-100 players about 3 months ago trying to build it back. come see
PAL-18 🐢 1 févr. à 13h20 
@Knevillo, Can you add an ini option that allows to turn off tracking of other player's dino's? When tribe has a few players who have dozens of dino's it makes navigating the dino track list extremely painful; especially when half the dino's dont even show up!
Souper07 26 janv. à 11h52 
Your paypal link doesn't work.
Heja28 25 janv. à 18h32 
i can only use the feature that make me find my dinos. I want to be able to find wild dinos
andargor 25 janv. à 16h19 
Great mod. A couple of requests:

- Please allow Escape to close the UI (or other key combination to close the UI), using the tracker on a bird can be hazardous if you enter combat and left click to attack without putting it away, the UI pops up and you are unable to get out easily in a middle of a fight

- Please allow filters on wild dinos you are looking for, e.g. Rex level > 70, one filter is OK but multiple would be great

- Currently the sort order for searching tames is by species, allow toggle to alphabetical

- As an additional feature, have a text message or sound chime when one of the filters match a wild dino nearby (I'm guessing it could poll every 5-10 seconds or so).

Thanks for your hard work!
Lucky_Leprechaun 20 janv. à 21h59 
Put this mod first in load order, engram still doesn't show up in the list.
FuzzyNubbins 20 janv. à 11h37 
the dino tracker engram isnt in the list of engrams to learn