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Vidsquish (Formerly NieRepack) - Compress and customize Nier: Automata cutscenes to suit your screen!
De Lulech23
Save hard drive space, improve in-game cutscene performance, and customize videos to suit non-standard aspect ratios with this all-in-one, easy-to-use tool!
Nier: Automata uses a number of pre-rendered cutscenes which are encoded in an MPEG-type format at ultra-high bitrates, resulting in inefficient videos that occupy a large amount of space and may perform poorly depending on your hardware. Furthermore, the game engine was not designed to crop or letterbox videos on non-16:9 displays, resulting in stretching for some users. While some limitations inherent to the game itself prevent solving all issues without an official patch, with the right tool, users can still enjoy an improved video experience better suited to their needs.

Formerly NieRepack, Vidsquish now provides an easy-to-use GUI to do just this, with all the necessary tools packed right in. Check it out at the official Steam group:

  • Easy-to-use GUI with all the necessary tools packed right in
  • Pause/resume support for long conversions
  • Support for three levels of compression, offering everyone the ideal compromise of filesize and image quality
  • Two resolution profiles to further tune size versus quality
  • Letterbox and crop options for 21:9, 16:10, 3:2, and 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Optionally upconvert framerate to 60 FPS using either frame blending or advanced motion estimation
Vidsquish is available to download from the official Steam group.

It is highly recommended to use this new version as it offers features and updates not available to NieRepack.

Still want to use NieRepack anyway? It can be downloaded either here[] or here[].
Vidsquish does not require installation. Simply download extract the application to the directory of your choice and run Vidsquish.exe

It is highly recommended to make a backup of your original video files if you have the free space for it. Vidsquish is safe to use and will not likely corrupt your data if it is interrupted, but depending on the features you select there may be no going back to your videos' original state. Alternatively, if you don't have the free space for a backup, you can always run a Verify Integrity of Game Files operation to restore the original videos from the internet.
Vidsquish Demonstration (Please view in 60 FPS!)

NieRepack High Compression

NieRepack 21:9 Cropped @ 60 FPS Frame-blended
  • Special thanks to user Breedloved for introducing me to the tools that initially made this possible!

  • Vidsquish is based on ffmpeg, utf_tab, Scaleform, and sfdmux.
Vidsquish version 0.9
  • Added full GUI
  • NieRepack now supports multiple games, so please check the Steam group for further updates!

Version 2.12
  • Changed all resolutions to multiples of 8 to prevent crashes with medianoche.exe

Version 2.11
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.10 causing crop conversions to fail

Version 2.10
  • Added option for 720p
  • Internal code revisions for cleanliness

Version 2.00
  • Total rewrite
  • VGMToolbox no longer necessary
  • Added options for compression, framerate, aspect ratio, and crop

Version 1.00
  • Initial release
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251 commentaires
Lulech23  [créateur] Il y a 10 heures 
Interesting, that could definitely be fixed with a filter like I've done for some other profiles. Kind of surprised I hadn't caught that until now. Unfortunately I may not have time to do it for a while, but I'll definitely put it on the to-do list.
Q 14 oct. à 4h42 
Some videos of NieR: Automata are in 1920x1080 and the script assume they are all in 1600x904 so the cropping is wrong for those. Fortunately it seems that all the videos in 1080p are artistic work and it's barely noticeable. Here are the files:

ev0230.usm_1.mpg: 1920x1080
ev0280.usm_1.mpg: 1920x1080
ev0500.usm_1.mpg: 1920x1080

(there might be others)
Lulech23  [créateur] 13 oct. à 10h01 
Personally I don't have a problem with it, but my policy has always been that I won't upload any cutscenes myself because I don't want to put Vidsquish at risk.

Have you tried encoding at different bitrates?
SpyrosChr 13 oct. à 4h27 
@Lulech23 I was referring to black glitches. It's not a deal breaker but I wanted to get it into your attention again. I assume it's illegal to upload all the cutscenes in 60FPS 1080p somewhere?
Lulech23  [créateur] 12 oct. à 12h37 
@SpyrosChr If you're referring to black glitches, that's something I still haven't been able to reproduce on my end, but even if I could, it's likely a flaw in the game or USM library, so I may or may not be able to fix anything. If you're referring to distortions in parts of the image, that's a natural result of the frame interpolation algorithm not being 100% accurate. Unless some deep learning method comes along, it's the best we can do for now.
SpyrosChr 12 oct. à 4h51 
This has apparently been reported but after converting my cutscenes to 60 FPS, they seem to be somewhat glitchy, with glitchy artifacts appearing usually at the bottom, but sometimes in other areas of the screen. Is there some way to correct this, and if not, has anyone uploaded their entire cutscene folder in 1080p 60FPS for people like me who have such problems?
Lulech23  [créateur] 17 août à 14h35 
Please take a look at this thread for "Unpacking Libraries..." issues:
Free Spirit!!! 17 août à 0h19 
Just made new pc and trying to use vidsquish for Nier. Its unpacking libraries forever. Anyway to fix this?
Lulech23  [créateur] 5 juil. à 16h35 
No, it should be done in a matter of seconds. Do you see anything located in the "%APPDATA%\Vidsquish" directory at all?
[SOUL] 5 juil. à 14h36 
@lulech23 checked it with 2antivirus' came up 0.
does the unpacking library process takes that long? like maybe an hour or something?