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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Cultural Capitals (Brave New World Edition)
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Cultural Capitals (Brave New World Edition)

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This Single Player Mod adds the Concept of Cultural Capitals to the game, allowing a player to choose from a set of "Themes" giving a variety of different bonuses with city- or even empirewide effects. This mod is intended to give more power to players using culture- or builderbased playstyles. The AI fully uses all concepts offered in this mod.

This Mod requires the Brave New World addon since Version 16.
This Mod requires the Gods and Kings addon since Version 10.

============================================= GAMEPLAY============================================
*** Forming the Cultural Committee
The first civilization to build 2 wonders forms the Cultural Committee in its capital and starts the electorial race for the Cultural Capitals for all players. The bonus for having the Cultural Committee in your empire is that it enables you to see the progress of the election of all other players as well as a free Delegate.

*** The Electoral Race
Once someone has formed the Cultural Committee in the world, all players race to win the Cultural Capital election. Every turn you will gain election points depending on your cultural ouput, the number of wonders you have, allied cultural city states, the number of cities you have and other factors.

*** Winning the Cultural Capital
If you have accumulated enough election points, your civilization will win the Cultural Capital in a city - choosen randomly from any of your original cities. Cities with higher culture output/population have a higher chance to be picked. Becoming the owner of the Cultural Capital enables you to choose from different Themes giving various bonuses. The Cultural Capital lasts only for a few turns, in which you can pick your Theme. Depending on the Theme, the bonuses can be temporary or may last for the entire game. Caution: Temporary bonuses lasts only as long the city is Cultural Capital!

*** Continuing the Race
Once the Cultural Capital wears off, the race for it starts again for all players. If you were the lucky one to win last time, you will receive less election points until the next race.All accumulated election points carry over to the next race.

*** Bribing
Once the race is in progress, the Cultural Committee may be bribed. The bribing amount will increase over time. If you have bribed it, you gain a boost to your election point output for a fixed amount of time. After that, you will have to wait some turns until you can bribe again.

If there are problems with the mod, delete all data in your user/my games/civilization5/cache and /moduserdata folder. If there are still problems with it, contact me.

Credits To:
- Whys and Onni for providing Tools and Insights into Civ5 Modding.
- Wutz for the German translations.
- yche2990 for the Chinese translations.
- skodkim for extensive testing.
- rapsynrev and AndreP.
- Gilgamesch for his support.
- And of course all ideas and testers from!

Please send Bugs and Suggestions to me directly or in the mod thread located at !
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56 commentaires
The Grimwar 4 mai à 18h34 
Hey, you don't mind fixing up the mod so that when someone else wins the election, it doesn't show who it is?

I just want the time that we meet a civilization to be the first time +we know who they are!
Wilhelm II 29 avr. 2018 à 7h38 
doesnt work
Tomaz 17 juin 2016 à 3h12 
Does it still has the bug mentioned below?
Vevca 27 janv. 2016 à 10h31 
I'm trying it with the CBP/CP and neither EUI nor noEUI worked.
Niki Bogino 29 déc. 2015 à 1h12 
Thats great, but fix the bug, people mentioned it below, have same issue
Arvay5 3 nov. 2015 à 10h48 
I can never get this to work with regalmanemperor's wonders, the cultural capitals tab never shows up and even with the option enabled the elections never start.
leandrokikkert 22 oct. 2015 à 1h38 
can't you make a tab under additional information or something, because the panal hides after a while
leandrokikkert 22 oct. 2015 à 0h53 
Nice mod, but the cultural capitals panel hides after a while, the same problem as msfifa2, and I don't know how to fix it. Can someone help?
BaoBaB 4 juil. 2015 à 5h41 
Works great love the it doesn't change the chalenge you still feel the competition
msfifa2 21 janv. 2015 à 10h50 
i love this mod only one issue with it: the interface hides the cultural capitals panel after a while don't know how to fix that