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Pixel Princess Blitz
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9 oct. 2016 à 17h31
18 oct. 2016 à 7h52
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Date de sortie : Late 2017


‘Pixel Princess Blitz’ is a fantasy-themed roguelike action RPG that combines elements from hack ‘n’ slash and tabletop board games with a fully dynamic, deep narrative!

This game will throw you into a harsh world that doesn't care if you live or die.
It falls to you to survive and, if luck smiles upon you, save the realm and its people in this fantasy novel simulator.

Comic by Hepari

■ The Ultimate Backpacking Simulation ■

◆ Randomized sector maps full of adventure and discovery
◆ Day-and-night cycle with a dynamic weather system
◆ Manage your resources to survive in the wilds
◆ Rest and resupply in settlements with random buildings
◆ AI-controlled units of other factions roam around the map
◆ The map is populated with random encounters, dungeons and interesting places

■ Combat ■

◆ Beat'em-up style tactical action combat
└ Initially inspired by classics like The Legend of Zelda games and Dungeons and Dragons : Shadow of Mystara

◆ Customizable classes
└ First, select one of the classes before departing. (Warrior, mage, ranger...)
└ Then select the desired background (Adventurer, Spelunker, Negotiator...)
└ Play the game in your desired style!

◆ A huge palette of actions
└ Roll-dodge, block, deflect, counter, backstab, teleport, set traps...
└ Master the hardest situations by deploying your skills!

◆ An impressive arsenal of items:
└ 4 types of melee weapons, each featuring a variety of combos
└ Weapons and equipments can be upgraded and enchanted
└ Also upgradable tomes that contain powerful spells
└ Armors, Shields, Throwables, Bows
└ Potion can be drunk or thrown to attack enemies

◆ A big roster of enemies and bosses
└ Many undeads have a chance to infect you. You need to find a cure - unless you want to die.
└ Never underestimate slimes. They will stun you, slow you down, and blow up in your face.
└ You can't defeat ghosts with common weaponry. No magic, no potion? Better run away.

■ Strong Narrative ■

◆ Unexpected twists that will blow your mind out

◆ Countless events that challenge you to make smart decisions.
└ Roll a dice! Traditional Pen and Paper-style encounters
└ With a high Strength, you can intimidate people or be the force of nature itself.
└ With a high Agility, you can sneak into tightly guarded places, and find hidden doors.
└ With a high Constitution, you can withstand poison and survive the worst wounds.
└ With a high Wisdom, you can even resolve conflicts that threaten to spill a lot of blood.

◆ Interesting characters, enemies and fully implemented romance options
└ Kuruna, your avatar in the game, is a strong-willed and gentle girl.
└ On her journey, Kuruna will interact, help or get helped by other main NPCs.
└ And a friendship can even turn into a romance, but the conditions are pretty harsh - so it's up to you if you will allow Kuruna to engage in romantic relationships while also saving the realm.

◆ Multiple endings
└ So that the game doesn't feel pointless, many decisions, small and big, are reflected in the endings.
└ The game will show in what way you've changed the world and the people in it... of course, if you survive to the end.

[[The Team]]
Hepari : Designer, art director, writer and more.
Joonkyu : Chief programer
Shiros : Pixel artist responsible for the main characters.
Sameduma : Pixel artist working on enemies and other npcs.
E79 : Pixel artist who has created many enemy sprites.
Ethan : A talented composer responsible for the soundtrack of PPB[soundcloud.com]
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20 mars à 21h31
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20 sept. 2017 à 17h40
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jdg9887 21 juin à 18h53 
이거 언제나와요;;
jay_rab 19 mai à 6h07 
actually they been giving normal updates about every month detailing what is happening, what they are working on, and if they had any holdups, I am not sure if this are backer only updates but if they are not, you can read everything that has been going on here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lanzegames/pixel-princess-blitz-sandbox-roguelike-action-rpg/updates

They also have a new website up featuring the game here: https://www.pixelprincessblitz.com/
RT1 18 mai à 12h30 
They're gone, bro. Took all yer money and vanished. LMAO!
Elementary Nonary <<_>> 13 mars à 2h29 
Any updates its 2018 and it said late 2017.
Bell 23 déc. 2017 à 5h04 
2017년이 끝낫읍니다..
GoukaSoshina 5 oct. 2017 à 23h25 
I forgot to use kickstarter. I would like to participate in beta but can not I support you anymore?
Seb16120 [FR] 20 sept. 2017 à 17h42 
You are the First Things ever i byu in USD ($) ecause i'm a french :c
Reculata 7 août 2017 à 9h50 
MInQQ 27 juin 2017 à 22h06 
기대하고 있어요!!
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