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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
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Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture

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Over 200 versatile building parts
3 full structure tiers
-> Settler Tier = Wood equivalent
-> Villager Tier = Stone equivalent
-> Castle Tier = Metal equivalent
3 types of fully operational siege equipment
-> Mangonel
-> Trebuchet
-> Petard
3 Ranged weapons
-> Arbalest
-> Royal Arbalest
-> Longbow
Multiple arrow types and melee weapons.
Plus much more

True no collision on placement.
Adobe Cooling on all parts

Change the cosmetic appareance on all parts with the click of a button!
Currently included cosmetic options are:

Castle Tier
-> Greystone, Mossy, Sandstone, Obsidian, Hellfire, Red Granite, Dark Matter and Wood
Villager Tier
-> Herringbone Brick, Old Plaster, Cotswold Stone
Settler Tier
-> English Oak, Elm, Sweet Chestnut

-> Material Quick Change Tool to quickly change the look and style of your castle from a distance.
-> Foundations snap from ceilings for easy building on uneven terrain and bridging
-> Ceilings can become foundations via INI
-> Auto opening and closing doors
-> Foundation support radius increased from 2 to 3
-> Directional Glass Windows (one-way or two-way glass)
-> This mod is 100% stackable and does not require priority

INI settings for GameUserSettings.ini
*These are not required unless you wish to change them from the defaults listed below;


A more in-depth explanation of INI-settings and values can be found here

Mod Discord and Support
If you're having an issue you can't figure out or just wanna hang out and maybe get some sneak previews of things to come, join our discord by clicking the image below :-)

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3,939 commentaires
N7_Shadow 16 juil. à 16h17 
Yes, there are a few issues with not being able to stack foundations. First is structure count. To make a thick wall, it takes more pieces to do it with walls instead of foundations. Some might point out the 3x3 wall, but the problem with that wall is that unlike large vanilla walls, this one does not have snap points in the middle.

Second is the texture. The texture is significantly different from that of the walls. This is very noticeable when you have to use a wall instead of foundations, when building on sloped surfaces.

The texture difference is also seen in the corner roof sections. It's very different from the other roof sections, so I never use them now.

Look, I am OK with mod makers abandoning their mods, but I wish they would give permission for others to pick it up and run with it, if they don't want to work on it anymore. To me, this would be a way of showing that you actually care about the community.
soepie7 16 juil. à 3h25 
He said once he won't do it because there's vanilla methods for that... I don't think he knows what exactly we try to achieve.
Zoetrope 15 juil. à 21h42 
closing in on a year since last update so I'd say yeah it's probably dead. Exile if you come back - please check on stacking with the foundations. I'm able to do it without (too much) issue at settler and villager tier but can't get the keep foundations to stack - with each other or on other foundations which is...not ideal
Xrl69 14 juil. à 14h58 
so i think this mod is dead the mod maker does not reply so im sure its dead but prove me wrong please i really love to see the mod updated... but soon i may just remove it because i get lag from it as well island map too...
N7_Shadow 13 juil. à 11h32 
@peter krick

Old fashioned they do on Vanilla servers. Make several crafting stations. Make either 2, 4, 8, or 16 stations. Why? Easier to equally distribute the materials to the stations. Just halve the resources as necessary. Any other number of stations means you have to actually do some math to equally divide. This also allows you to make different structures at the same time.
Oak 13 juil. à 2h40 
@Abyss My server has experienced massive lag and server crashes due to this Mod and it is The Island. Going to try the Advanced Architecture Mod next.
MrBazibaz 12 juil. à 23h01 
i love the mod, but the glass is a bit buggy for me, its reflecting weirdly, almost making a 3d effect and not like glass should behave, any graphic setting i can change to make it behave like glass? or maybe server side setting?
peter krick 12 juil. à 11h13 
does anyone know how to increase the crafting speed of the crafting tables? if you do please let me know
tv/NOA_Cyreniti 12 juil. à 2h29 
Anyone got any idea on the ID's for the Crafting Tables? Tying to modify what level they are available at in the engram list.
Liandris 10 juil. à 12h08 
Nice Mod, but the foundations can't stack on top of each other? Sometimes it works but most of the time it does not. That makes building on the side of a mountain oder at the shore very frustraiting... And yes, i try to cycle the snap points.
Its a very fine mod with great potential and developable.