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Swarmonian Explorer
Genre: Strategy, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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16 août 2016 à 2h06
16 févr. 2017 à 9h38
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Alpha 1.1 - The Dimensional Update
What is new in Alpha 1.1?

  • Changed to pseudo 3D graphics for some tiles
  • improvements to the map editor
  • complete light system overhault
  • new lightsource tile available

15% on our way to the top 100 and what I am working on
In Swarmonian Explorer, you take control over a swarm of particles to explore a huge variety of maps.
You have to grow your swarm and solve puzzles or fight enemies with it in order to proceed.
But it is not that easy, the world of Swarmonian Explorer is filled with dangers like enemy swarms, mysterious ghost dots and deadly spikes!

Your swarm is made of different particles, each color representing a special feature of this particle.
  • Green: Health. The most vulnerable particle, if you don't have any of these left, your whole swarm dies
  • Yellow: Activators. Usually used to activate mechanics but can also function as a bait to protect your health.
  • Red: Strength. This is your food army, they can be used to attack and deal a massive amount of damage, but also die quick.
  • Blue: Shield. They are used just like Strength to attack, but deal less damage and survive longer.
  • White: Lumination. It is always good to have some of these, because they boost the view range of the particles nearby.
I want to try it out!
The game is already available on itch.io.
Everyone who gets it there, will recieve a steamkey after it is greenlit.

The future of the game
The game is currently in a good playable state, and I plan to release more updates with new features, maps and additions to the map editor.


Creating your own maps
You can create your own maps with the ingame map editor.
I am also working on a service where you can upload and share your creations with others.

You don't like the look of the game?
That is no problem, you can extend and/or completely change the look of Swarmonian Explorer by creating your own texture pack.

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26 commentaires
Teekeks  [créateur] 2 juin 2017 à 9h40 
Just a update for everyone wondering: YES I am still working on Swarmonian Explorer, so it will come to steam eventually. I am currently working on the Workshop integration for User created maps.
devotee 16 janv. 2017 à 12h23 
Bought the game on Groupees and voted YES! :ss13ok: Good luck!! :clover:
OMEGAMI 12 janv. 2017 à 9h38 
Teekeks  [créateur] 11 janv. 2017 à 5h17 
Hello Raptor85, please keep in mind, that Swarmonian Explorer is still in development. The graphics and game mechanics still get improved. With the latest patch yesterday, I improved quite a few of the tiles and reworked the light. I will update the screenshot within the next few hours so you can take a look at it again.
Raptor85 10 janv. 2017 à 21h11 
great concept but the tile art could use some work, the swarms and the lighting looks great but the tiles themselves are just really ugly and make it hard to tell what's what. I could see this getting greenlit EASILY with slightly better tile work. Kinda reminds me of a 2d pikmin in some ways
Sonix 10 janv. 2017 à 18h15 
chris 10 janv. 2017 à 10h31 
HellCow (HC) 25 nov. 2016 à 10h22 
Hey, if your interested i coud promote your game or/and if you need/want i can test the game.
Also i can get some more testers if necesary, Add me if interested in steam or send me a mail: Liecis19@gmail.com

(BUT my promotion will give honost votes and toughts here is where i can promote your game: Gaming Until End Remember i dont push you if you dont want this just ignore/delete this post)
BluePaw 16 août 2016 à 13h51 
The lighting looks fine, Ferrous. Maybe you need to up the brightness on your monitor?
Pan (GT) 16 août 2016 à 13h15 
Not bad, seems interesting.