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Platforms Plus
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Platforms Plus

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Tree platforms with snap points for perimeter walls, extending ceilings, ladders, ramps and catwalks. Also adds platform wedges that allow you to build multi level tree platforms.

New Items:

- Wood, Metal, Glass & Tek Tree Platform
- Wood, Metal, Glass & Tek Platform Wedge
- Wood, Metal, Glass & Tek Sloped Platform Wedge
- Wood, Metal, Glass & Tek Outer Platform Wedge
- Wood, Metal & Tek Inner Platform Wedge
- Wood, Metal & Glass Platform Wedge Door

These items are constructed in the Platform Smithy.


- Snap points all around the edge allowing for perfect wall placement!
- Snap points around the edge for ladders, ramps, catwalks, ceilings & pillars.
- Wedge pieces allow you to build multiple levels in your tree base in a variety of shapes.
- Wedges have snap points all along the sides to allow for walls, ramps, catwalks, ladders pillars to be built on either side.
- Flat wedges also have snap points for walls near the tree, so it can be blocked off.
- Sloped wedges have snap points along the edges for sloped wall pieces so you can build walls down.
- Outer wedges allow for large open spaces as well as transit between multiple levels.
- Wedges can be placed on pillars, allowing for building non-tree house bases.
- Inner wedges ease movement around large multi-story complexes.
- Glass pieces give greenhouse effect.
- Tek Platform has built-in forcefield.
- Tek Platform Sloped Wedge allows friendly players to pass through it.
- Wedge Doors can be set to auto, auto close only or manual.


Wedge pieces will snap to the top of walls and each other, so to place your first wedge build a wall as high as you wish and then attach it to the top. You can then attach further wedges to the first wedge.

Wedges will also snap directly to trees, so you can build partial bases, or use higher snap tree snap points for additional levels (you have to be very close to the tree for it to snap, even though it will be green when you are further away).

Note: build walls up from the outer edge of wedges and down from the sides.

Link to Config Options

Mod ID: 719928795

Link to Spawn Codes

My Mods:

Structures Plus - Complete building overhaul.
Pillars Plus - Fully adjustable pillars.
Redwoods Anywhere - Grow redwoods that support tree platforms anywhere.
Platforms Anywhere - 30 different non-tree structures that support a tree platform.
Snappy Saddles - Saddle platform extensions with snap points and ability to increase build distance and structure limit.
Light Controller - Automatically turns all lights and torches on at dusk and off at dawn.
Inventory Cleaner - Cleans your inventory of items you select, so you never have to sort through junk while harvesting again.
Super Spyglass - If a spyglass had a baby with a magnifying glass...
Re-Fertilizer Revisited - Improved versions of the re-fertilizer that respawn all resources in a larger area.

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631 commentaires
Chaplynn 16 sept. à 10h48 
@Snow Man : Yes, it does. I build a full glass greenhouse on a tree platform only using structures from this mod.

@Tivra : The length of the outer wedge is 4 walls. The inner wedge is too. You can place also 4 walls on the edges from the outside to the inside if you wanna build rooms on a platform.

@Hacko Malfoy : This mod includes wedge doors for the roof. You can place normal gates and behemoth gates on the outer wedges of a platform.

@Dr.NoodlesPHD : The snap points are at the outer wedge. You can find more information about the snap points in the bottom of the mod description.
Mithrim 14 sept. à 19h43 
is there a way to fix the bug where anything built on the platform just floats if the platform is destroyed?
Dr.NoodlesPHD 11 sept. à 10h10 
so ive seen this comment before, not sure if there was an answer, but after placing a wood platform, there are no snap points??
Zymex 11 sept. à 0h00 
can table get pulling option like s+ have`? =)
gabrielharmon24 10 sept. à 16h46 
Is there a way to get this on xbox one
Hacko Malfoy 8 sept. à 12h57 
Where is the wedge doors???
Tivra 5 sept. à 12h29 
Can anyone tell me the size in regular walls of platform wedges>?
Snow Man 27 août à 4h41 
Does the glass roof provide a greenhouse effect?, and great mod. :)
Dracon8 26 août à 9h59 
Great Mod! Thank you so much for making it.
Chaplynn 25 août à 18h30 
@Rossomak. There are snap points at the the outer wedges of the platform for walls and stuff. if you build a roof, the roof will have snap points to enable building walls down in the inner wedges.