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Hacker Experience 2 - real-time location-based hacking simulator
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6 mai 2016 à 15h12
27 mai 2016 à 11h25
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We made it!
Introducing ourselves
  • You don't need any sort of technical knowledge in order to fully enjoy the game.
  • You will learn some stuff about computers, specially regarding to security, encryption and privacy.
  • You might enjoy playing Hacker Experience 1[legacy.hackerexperience.com] in the meantime, but please have in mind that Hacker Experience 2 will be a thousand times better.
  • We've been keeping this blog[leaks.hackerexperience.com] not-so-updated about the development progress.

We are just getting started with the crowdfunding/steam campaign now, so things are a bit raw yet, but we'll keep this page updated. The other two developers happen to be more shy than me, so I'll introduce them later.

I'm more happy to answer and discuss any questions you might have. Feel free to post a discussion here or drop me an email at renato@hackerexperience.com, I'll reply ASAP.

Date de sortie : Fourth quarter 2016
Hacker Experience 2 is an open source online hacking simulation game.

Living in a dystopian world ruled by megacorporations, you play the role of a hacker seeking fame and power.

Hack servers, exploit connections, install viruses, research software, upgrade hardware and even steal bank accounts. All while trying not to be caught by the FBI - or other hackers.

Access the deep web for user-generated missions, or get hired by the corporations to perform industrial espionage and sabotage other corporations.

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Axhente ✪ Gamdom.com 23 déc. 2017 à 11h15 
bunu yükleyince kendinizi bir bok sanuıyorsunuz
ama hala aynı kişisiniz hadi eYw
REDHAWK 19 déc. 2017 à 7h52 
whats happening? there has been no updates since june 2017
LashCon 10 déc. 2017 à 10h54 
I feel like it has been so long I'm going to lose my order number
LashCon 10 déc. 2017 à 10h53 
Harmex 1 déc. 2017 à 14h53 
is the project is dead?
Oytunistrator 30 nov. 2017 à 8h45 
add me pls
NSH4RPY | twitch.tv/nsharpy 8 sept. 2017 à 17h25 
Any update on when testing starts
Crushfield 7 sept. 2017 à 13h29 
Any news on this lately?
diamondlp2003 3 sept. 2017 à 13h31 
Add This Please!
AdixIzzy 21 août 2017 à 7h13 
Proszę ja chcę grać :PPP