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Wuss Mode
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Wuss Mode

This mod is now redundant, as SOMA's official Safe Mode is a massive improvement over this mod's content. I highly recommend you use Safe Mode instead, but the mod does now work for those who didn't start in Safe Mode and wish to still play in a non-hostile space.

This addon renders nearly all enemies in the main story non-hostile during regular gameplay. Surprisingly, it completely changes the atmosphere of the game, often for the better, since the servants of the WAU quietly patrolling the abandoned halls of Pathos-2 have a chilling poignance to them. Puppets slowly stalk you through hallways instead of madly dashing for you, as if they are confused by your presence and don't know what to do with an intruder that shares their flesh and blood. Constructs beg you for structure gel, and angrily chastise you for not sharing, but they cannot take it from you, and as you walk by them, a cold chill overtakes you as you realize they will slowly starve in the inky black depths. Playing it is an incredibly surreal experience, and while I personally prefer the vanilla gameplay, I think for those with weaker countenances, this is certainly a worthwhile way to play. Perfect for wusses who can't take the scares but still want to experience the amazing story and atmosphere of SOMA!

Chase scenes will still happen, as they are necessary to advance the plot, and creatures of the abyss will still bite, but their damage has been reduced to zero.

For those with a game in progress, to prevent having to start over, first run Soma once with the mod, then copy the files in ...\My Documents\My Games\Soma\Main\YourSteamID_randomnumbers

and paste them in ...\My Documents\My Games\Soma\MainWithAddons\randomnumbers\YourSteamID_randomnumbers

After that, load up a game with the mod activated and you should be good to go!
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hfel 4 juil. à 13h45 
Does it work in other mods that have creatures?
snipplo 23 janv. à 14h27 
its for people that cant handle the traditional horror but still want to experience the stellar plot you fucking mong
Seamus 23 déc. 2019 à 12h39 
What's even the fucking point
from vig_love 21 sept. 2019 à 4h05 
I need it in 2015 not!2020
Mᴓrlen 25 juin 2019 à 7h46 
A nshuia?
Progamer69 18 févr. 2019 à 15h04 
Thanks for this mod! I'm pretty sure that this is the sole reason safe mode got added!
MrBaracu 29 janv. 2019 à 4h25 
Ok i think this never gets fixed...
MrBaracu 17 janv. 2019 à 1h20 
You never fix this mod?
MrBaracu 4 janv. 2019 à 5h00 
So i played the game to that battery puzzle and the games crashed. Will this get fixed? I hope so :(
Golbat34 27 déc. 2018 à 3h25 
Dunno ^^LOL^^