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Sedimental Storm
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
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7 août 2015 à 17h20
25 août 2015 à 14h22
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Sedimental Storm is a 2D arena fighter where the level becomes your weapon. Attacks slice platforms, walls, and objects into pieces which can be thrown or used to block. Supports 4 player couch multiplayer with controllers. Built on top of a custom 2D engine created by our team, the game will release on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Inspired by games like Towerfall and Smash Bros, we've developed something we love to play and wouldn't have it any other way. This is a project of passion and amazing gameplay is our number one goal. We're working hard have accomplished a lot, but we still have a ways to go and would love your support.

  • Slice Everything. Cut walls, platforms, and random objects to pieces.
  • 4-player Local Multiplayer. Intense couch multiplayer with 3 of your closest friends.
  • Map Editor. Use the game's included assets or create custom assets to give the game a new look.
  • Modding Support. Customize gameplay by installing mods from the Steam Workshop or create your own for a completely unique experience.
  • Cross-Platform. Download and play on Windows, mac, and Linux.
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31 commentaires
Maple Walnut 7 sept. 2016 à 20h20 
Any news on development?
Sedimental Storm  [créateur] 25 août 2015 à 0h01 
We will definitely be including lots of maps in the final release based on your feedback. There is also a map editor where you can make your own maps and add them to the game. We are also hoping to feature popular player-made maps from the workshop. Thanks so much for voting. Keep the feedback coming!
ivane373 23 août 2015 à 4h06 
Creative and cool, just one wish, make al least one level with just flat design and one with Tron style.
Typ0 18 août 2015 à 23h10 
Hope it makes it!!
render 16 août 2015 à 23h18 
Cool idea! Thumbs up!
iamvoerti 12 août 2015 à 9h45 
Reminds me of that Icebreaker game on Miniclip, except on steroids!
jamberjong 11 août 2015 à 20h41 
Looks pretty good! Hopefully different interactions between certain types of landscape will be available
Valasty 10 août 2015 à 11h04 
Wow... when you think criativity has reached a limit, this is what you get!
Luscas 9 août 2015 à 12h01 
Parece ser legal.
TheDiamondPanda 9 août 2015 à 10h13 
this looks like a cool game!