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Genre: Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
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3 août 2015 à 16h21
12 mai 2016 à 10h41
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Beta Available for $1.50
Greenlight Launched!
Date de sortie : Beta Available Now, Steam Release Soon after Greenlight!
Local-multiplayer 2-4 players.

One of the top 3 physics based, top down, 2D, single stick, single button, lobster fighting simulators on the market today.

Beta available now at http://www.Clobsters.com for $1.50
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67 commentaires
lukayson 16 févr. 2016 à 2h16 
I liked that for music and movement, not for graphics. I would buy that for prize about 1.5
moppy 6 déc. 2015 à 10h24 
its about damn time
The Holy Tomato 7 nov. 2015 à 19h54 
why not make two zoidbrugs fight? :steamsalty:
omae wu 1 sept. 2015 à 23h36 
Game of doters
Advance 22 août 2015 à 8h30 
This does look somewhat fun and interesting. I think what might limit it is that there's only one type of character. Fighting games should have multiple styles of combat in order to flesh out the experience.

Some throwaway ideas might be...
A fiddler crab that covers its weak point in it's front with the large claw, but can only attack with the same claw. Maybe he does more damage, but it takes a while to go back to a defensive position, leaving him vulnerable.
Or a clam that can only move by sticking its tongue out (which would be its weak point), attaching it to the ground, and rotating around that point. It could attack simply by swinging its shell into other weaknesses.

As it stands, I don't think just the lobster would be enough to carry the game - BUT I think you've laid a solid foundation. New environments and stage variety would of course be interesting, but those would come with time. Maybe items could help mix things up too.
Reneld Regen 18 août 2015 à 20h34 
better then most of the shit on steam greenlight nowadays
Crabs For Breakfast 15 août 2015 à 19h34 
Bellsprout 15 août 2015 à 19h27 
Can Mr Krabs and zoidberg be DLC characters?
Maxsimg 11 août 2015 à 17h13 
DOTA 3! 10/10!!:bbtcat:
Gimber 11 août 2015 à 1h23 
sorry this is 1 of a game I don't want to see on steam try a internet site or someting