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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
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30 juin 2015 à 14h04
12 août 2016 à 11h04

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Date de sortie : 2016
Run. Jump. Shoot. Trap. Win.

What is Sparkour?
Sparkour is a game all about speed, agility, and on-the-fly strategy. Use first-person parkour tricks and items to boost your way to victory! Against your friends, bots, or strangers, use traps and projectiles to stop them in their tracks. Or, chain together multiple, stylish skills to build up speed and race past them.

Use these skills together and become the ultimate human projectile, in the most intense, enemy-forming, first-person platforming game of your life!

  • A First-Person Platforming/Racing hybrid!
  • Use items to gain the upper hand!
  • Perform trick-chains to gain speed!
  • A wide range of maps to learn and conquer as the fastest player on the board
  • Customize your character's colors and designs
  • Play with your friends, strangers, or even computer players!

The Nitty Gritty
Sparkour is in Pre-Alpha, and is currently only a prototype!! This means the game is nowhere near complete. However, it is playable as seen in our trailer, and we do have the capacity to make a playable, fun, and bug-tested game!

The trailer was filmed on a prototype version of the game. With that said, some things, including but not limited to animations, music, visuals and code may be modified, added, or removed based on feedback.

Music featured in trailer: Au Revoir by iamsleepless - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8al-JP0j5Jw
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328 commentaires
Van 5 juin 2016 à 17h40 
Played this game in beta at 2d con it Was amazing so fun casey tube i was the person who had the giant bag of stuff and the yokai watch hat on ;)
MonorGaming 1 avr. 2016 à 7h29 
Azrogue 14 févr. 2016 à 3h45 
Speed UP the developement of this game i can't wait anymore
ItsaBear 25 janv. 2016 à 19h05 
Caseytube, I have a few questions. Please add me so we can discuss.
Cobra Chicken 19 oct. 2015 à 10h16 
yo' show us more news , damn its been like over 30 years , DADDY WANTS SOME SUGAR
Bumbleb33661 12 oct. 2015 à 16h00 
It looks like Mirror´s Edge parkour but more awsome!!!! I love it
Master Hoganes 17 août 2015 à 5h22 
Can make a demo? (Fantastic game,worth my money)
craftervic 13 août 2015 à 16h42 
craftervic 13 août 2015 à 16h36 
[Ðн] PARANORMAL 13 août 2015 à 13h27 
Actually okay.. :csgoanarchist: