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Ancient Space Mission Guide
De centaurianmudpig
This guide aims to help you through the Ancient Space campaign on the Marine Officer difficulty. The game doesn't hand hold you and if you are not careful can easily find yourself frustrated and repeating missions, which can be easily avoided by following this guide. I will offer suggestions for loadouts and tactics in this guide to supplement my video guide. You can eiher read through this guide or watch the relevant video guide.

I will attempt to avoid any spoilers, such as cutscene's, though it is possible some spoilers may slip through during the dialogue exchanges shown in the gameplay. If I there is any major spoiler I cannot avoid I will tag it and if I miss one please inform me in the comments below.

Note: This is an on-going and indevelopment guide. The first mission is available and further missions will be put live as soon as humanly possible.
Mission 1: Down in a hole
Video Guide

The Maw of the Zone
Assemble the fleet for the expedition. Complete Mission 1
Safe from harm
In mission 1, at least two of your assigned cargo ships must survive until they reach Sector 2.
By the way
Perform an optional objective

Officer Roster //
Bio Machinery slows down all enemy units in the current sector.
Inspire Crew boosts armour on all friendly units in the current sector.
Full System Security grants a temporary forcefields to all friendly units in the current sector.

Starting units //
3x Lancer (S)

Additional units //
2x Invader (S)

Unit Abilities //
Lancer: Offensive Formation /// grants a 25% increase in offence with a 25% reduction in defence.
Invader : Defensive Formation /// improves defence by 25% and reduces damage by 25%.

Sector 1
Review figure 1.1 for an overview of the starting area. There are 3 hostile controlled gates and 2 friendly gates. The closest friendly gate is the starting point of the Cargo Ship convoy and will follow the highway towards the Ulysees II, the green XL unit toward the top end.

The top 2 enemy gates will spawn units which will attack the Ulysees II and her fleet, but not you or your convoy. Ignore them. instead, keep close watch on the southern enemy gate. Enemies from this gate will attack your convoy.

Figure 1.1 Sector 1 Overview

Wave 1 //
5 Snark unit's will soon emerge from the southern gate, 2 of them will break off and join the other's attacking the Ulysees II. Concentrate your unit's on the 3 remaining Snark's heading toward your convoy. If you have not already done so, swtich to Offensive Formation.

Use the Bio Machinery officer ability to slow the enemies approach towards the convoy. Eliminate the 3 enemy Snark's quickly as the second wave will soon be arriving.

Wave 2 //
A single Snark will first appear, however, keep an eye on the gate as it's just a scout ship for a larger enemy force. The next unit to emerge is a Cutlass (M) followed by 2 more Snarks, at which point you will be reinforced with 2 Invader units.

The Invader unit's appear before you are informed by the AI unit.

Send the Invader's immediately to engage the Cutlass. Keep your Lancer's away from the Cutlass as they will suffer heavy damage and can be quickly wiped out. When the enemy wave is close, use the Inspire Crew officer ability to improve the survivability of your units.

When you have destoryed the Cutlass, send the Invader's to the southern enemy gate on the left hand side, facing the gates entrance point. If positioned correctly the Snark's will not attack them and the Invader's will be ready to engage the next Cutlass to appear in the final wave.

Wave 3 //
3 more Snarks, with a another 4 spaced out further behind. These must be straggler's as some are really space out, especially the last one.

Wave 4 //
4 Snark's, with an additional 2 spread out behind.

If your Lancer's are being targeted by the Snark's from Wave 3/4 use the Full System Security ability to protect them with a forcefield.

Wave 5 //
5 more Snark's. The enemy is very determined to take down the convoy.

By the fifth wave the Bio Machinery ability should have cooled down, use it to slow down the enemy advance allowing you to intercept and destroy before they reach the convoy. The convoy won't be able to hold on for much longer.

Wave 6 //
Multiple Snark's including a single Cutlass. These guy's trickle then start to pour out with a Cutlass surrounded by the bulk of the wave at the back.

By this time you will have acquired the Rover to repair the Ulysees II. You can also use it to repair any of your other units before engaing the rest of the enemy.

By this time the Ulysees II fleet should have taken out the two enemy gates and cleared the surrounding area. They will head toward the southern gate, taking it out, helping to clear up the remaining enemy units.

Sector 1 Complete //
With the last enemy unit destoryed, repair any of your unit's and join the Ulysees II through the gate to Sector 2.

Sector 2
As you enter Sector 2 you will see Ulysees II following the highway to a base at the far end. To the left there is an objective marker on top of an area indicated by an eye icon. This icon indicates that there is some sort of sensor inhibitor in place and you will need to enter the area to see what is inside.

Figure 1.2 Sector 2 Overview

Send your units toward the objective marker, they will need to go around the structure that is blocking the most direct route.

Figure 1.3: Satellite Tower area

After locating the Satellite Tower, you will be instructed to build defense towers to protect it. The Rover will have acquired this new ability. Enemies will also start to spawn from several gates, the most immediate threat is the gate that appears at the top right of the station.

Send your units to destory the closest gate, if you are having difficulty, build a defense tower to support your units next to the gate. Then build another turret at the top left location. Then you can build the 2 turrets next to the station to complete the secondary objective.

Wave 1 //
By this time 3x Snark's from the next closest gate will have engaged your forces. Use the top left tower to soften them up. Remember to keep the Lancer's away from the Cutlass while the Invader's destroy it.

Use the Rover to repair the turret and your forces as needed.

Wave 2 //
2x Snark's escorting a single Cutlass. Once again allow the turret to soften the Snark's and send your Invader's to take care of the Cutlass.

Repair the Satellite Tower to full health after taking care of this wave

Wave 3 //
The enemy will throw 6 Snark's and 2 Cutlass' at you as a last ditch attempt to destory the Satellite Tower. Abadon the defense around the turret and retreat back to the Satellite Tower.

When the enemy is in range, enable any officer abilities you have remaining then destory them.

When the last enemy unit is destoryed the mission is completed.
2014/09/27 - Add achievable achievments for Mission 1.
2014/09/26 - Guide Start
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