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Console "Give" Commands + Practise
De obama 100!
Welcome to a guide for Smokes, Crosshair placement and Weapon Commands
Smokes are extremely important don't get me wrong, if you are trying to get into without getting AWP'd or defending a planted bomb this is a guide that will show you the more advanced smokes.
So I know that you don't need to know specific spots to throw your smokes all the time, but sometimes it can be useful to know a good smoke.
These will take a practise throw or two to memorize.

Here is my video showing some useful smokes on Dust 2 as Terrorist, please check it out!
Dust 2 Terrorist Smokes

Practising smokes,prefiring and also crosshair placement
To practise smokes the best way is to go to "play" and choose the "offline with bots" option, and then you can choose if you want bots or not, best without.
So in casual you have 2 minutes to finsh the round, but don't worry if you are playing without bots in offline then when the 2 minutes pass the round will just keep going.
So now when you are ready to start open console by pressing the ` button on your keyboard after you have activated console in options.
sv_cheats 1 Without this you can't use any of the other commands!
"givecurrentammo" Gives you ammo to your current gun
Primary Weapons
"give weapon_m4a1_silencer" Gives you an M4A1-S
"give weapon_m4a1" Gives you an M4
"give weapon_ak47" Gives you an AK-47
"give weapon_aug" Gives you an AUG
"give weapon_awp" Gives you an AWP/Sniper
"give weapon_bizon" Gives you a PP-Bizon
"give weapon_famas" Gives you a FAMAS
"give weapon_gs3sg1" Gives you T Auto-Sniper
"give weapon_galilar" Gives you the Galil AR
"give weapon_m249" Gives you an M249
"give weapon_mac10" Gives you a MAC10
"give weapon_mag7" Gives you a Mag-7/Swag-7
"give weapon_mp7" Gives you an MP7
"give weapon_mp9" Gives you an MP9
"give weapon_negev" Gives you a Negev
"give weapon_nova" Gives you a Nova
"give weapon_scar20" Gives you a SCAR-20/Auto-sniper
"give weapon_sg556" Gives you an SG556
"give weapon_ssg08" Gives you an SSG08
"give weapon_ump45" Gives you a UMP
"give weapon_xm1014" Gives you an XM1014/ Auto-Shottie

Secondary Weapons
"give weapon_deagle" Gives you a Deset Eagle
"give weapon_elite" Gives you the Dual Barettas
"give weapon_fiveseven" Gives you a Five-Seven
"give weapon_glock" Gives you the Glock-18
"give weapon_hkp2000" Gives you a p2000
"give weapon_tec9" Gives you a Tec-9

Grenades + Extras
"give weapon_hegrenade" Gives you a HE Grenade
"give weapon_c4" Gives you the bomb
"give weapon_flashbang" Gives you a Flashbang
"give weapon_incgrenade" Gives you an incendiary Grenade/Fire Grenade
"give weapon_molotov" Gives you a molotoc/Fire Grenade
"give weapon_smokegrenade" SMOKE GRENADE
"give weapon_taser" Gives you a tazer

These you can all use to practise recoil and smokes, nades, flashes and whatever.

Crosshair Placement
Crosshair Placement is extremely important in CS:GO.
To explain what this is, when you are turning a corner your crosshair sticks to a corner so that you are ready to shoot someone sitting there in a corner with a PRO-90.

Here is a video from a pro player talking about it(adreN):
adreN on crosshair placement

So that sums up this guide please leave feedback and rate!

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