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Quantum Rush Online
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German
Players: Multi-player
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2 avr. 2014 à 0h14
26 janv. 2016 à 19h42

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A.I. Invasion goes gold!
We are proud to announce that A.I. Invasion completed its Early Access phase and is now available as full version! Many new features, missions and locations made it into the game.

Take on the role of a soldier fighting against the merciless A.I. machines controlling the universe. Traveling the Rimae planetary system you command a team that has to overcome various missions to defeat those pesky metal roaches. Utilize a wide range of weapons and even special items that aid you in battle! Can you reclaim the system from the A.I.?


Full list of features
  • full story campaign telling the story of the reclamation of the Rimae planetary system
  • 20 varied missions with a wide range of objectives
  • 9 different environments on several planets and even in space
  • 6 unlockable main weapons with different shooting behaviors and projectile types
  • 5 unlockable special items, that serve as equippable special abilities
  • control up to 5 special units to approach combat strategically
  • full gamepad support
  • Steam Achievements

Additionally many minor improvements, bugfixes and smaller feature additions mark the transition of A.I. Invasion from Early Access to full release. So, see you on the intergalactic battlefield!

The A.I. Invasion Team

A.I. Invasion now available in Early Access on Steam!
Date de sortie : April 2014
Play Quantum Rush now: http://www.quantum-rush.net

Quantum Rush is a great action-packed online future racer! For too long there has been silence in the future racing genre! Quantum Rush has come to take the lead!

  • an unforgettable high speed racing experience beyond breaking the sound barrier
  • gigantic race tracks on both the earth and in space with loopings, jumps, tubes and more.
  • gun fights with built-in weapon systems and power ups distributed on the race tracks
  • racketrack picups (special items) which you can collect during a race
  • a comprehensive system to modify and improve your racer – both visibly and functionally
  • a great choice between various racers with special capabilities and great customization options
  • great community features for interchange and organisation with thousands of other players


The following great features await you:
  • high speed races up to supersonic speeds
  • incredible race tracks with stunning graphics in an SF environment on both the earth and in space, which include crazy fun elements such as loopings, tubes, jumps and more.
  • gun fights with built-in weapon systems and power-ups distributed on the race tracks
  • you can collect defensive, manipulative or offensive pickups during a race, such as shields, mines, rockets and more.
  • a comprehensive system to modify and improve your racer – both visibly and functionally
  • various types of racers with special capabilities produced by three different manufacturers, each having its distinctive strengths and weaknesses
  • an energy and heat management system to optimize your racer performance
  • a tech-tree style research system to improve the features of your racer with research points
  • various customizable skins, engines, boosters, shields, armaments and weapons
  • a training mode for beginners, a normal mode and a racing mode (pure racing without weapons and pickups)
  • great community features for interaction with thousands of other players
  • keyboard and gamepad support
  • intelligent matchmaking system
  • highscore, leaderboard and your personal statistics
  • native speaker support and localization team
  • integrated help, tutorials and support system
  • and so much more! Come and find out now!

Play Quantum Rush now: http://www.quantum-rush.net


"All in all, I enjoyed my time in the Quantum Rush beta. I will admit that I didn't win a single race as my sloth-like reflexes mocked me regularly, but I had fun. This is an easy to learn sci-fi racing game that delivers action along with the thrill of racing. Plus, who hasn't dreamed of shooting a missile at another racer?" (http://mmo-play.com/mmo-blog/quantum-rush-beta-preview)

"Quantum Rush aims to restore the genre of futuristic racing games to its former glory" (http://www.gamershell.com/news_159319.html)

"Inspired by games like F-Zero and Wipeout, Quantum Rush is a competitive online racer for the PC that pits the pilots of various high-tech crafts against each other while utilizing diverse weapon systems, researching cutting edge racing tech, and extensive racer customization to craft the ultimate racer of the future." (http://www.heypoorplayer.com/2013/12/futuristic-racer-quantum-rushs-beta-begins-today/)

"Quantum Rush is a great looking futuristic arcade racer, in a similar vein as WipEout, but with a few noteworthy improvements. The game features WipEout like power-ups scattered across its gigantic tracks, but ships also have special abilities, are fully customisable and upgradable, and there are a host of online comunity features. It’s a great futuristic racer, that’s very fast, very pretty, and lots of fun." (http://www.alphabetagamer.com/quantum-rush-beta-sign-up/)

" It’s a “combat racer” in a futuristic style that allows for anti-grav technology, industry standard death beams and a truly wacky selection of locales. ... Quantum Rush is an interesting one, particularly with the free-to-play model." (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/08/28/drive-the-car-shoot-the-gun-quantum-rush/)

Play Quantum Rush now: http://www.quantum-rush.net
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297 commentaires
Quadstrike 18 oct. 2015 à 18h59 
basically in the older itteration f2p their was a turning bug that occoured because the physics of the turning was serverside vs clientside which made the game uplayable, this game is made in germany but these are some of the laziest coders becasue their re-releasing the game and making it europe only because why? probably because they didn't recode the turning and just fix the mechanic... they approached youtubers for exposure and then f'ed up the mechanics and made it EU only, really disappointing.
Sarthos_Jacruga 31 mai 2015 à 13h43 
Alright, in a serious note, this looks like an amazing, modern day hybrid between wipeout and f-zero, but when i click on the link claiming to be the store page, it drops me back at the store main page, nor can i find any trace of this anywhere. Anyone know what's going on?...
MadOldFart_69 16 nov. 2014 à 21h52 
No store page ? = wtf
Phaota 26 sept. 2014 à 16h51 
I certainly hope the game servers for North America open very, very soon. I want to play this game. Loved the WipeOut games, so this is a good step up from those.
Dr Strangelove 23 sept. 2014 à 11h06 
seems cool
Robin Williams 3 sept. 2014 à 1h03 
aw :( i would of just bought it now but its not in america :(
bleach seal m8 ™ 30 août 2014 à 8h17 
why is it not in MURICA?
Igor_Skywalker39 28 août 2014 à 12h15 
? 20 août 2014 à 9h04 
It looks cool. Hopefully servers will be added in America soon.
Addicted 18 août 2014 à 23h53 
Great! :Uranium: