Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

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The Senshi
Character, Relics, Cards
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The Senshi

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The Senshi

The Senshi is a character based off the popular anime. She uses magic and determination to fight.
This mod contains 75 new cards, 20 new relics, new mechanics and all new art and animations


The Senshi has several new mechanics:
  • Magic: This will increase the damage of Magical cards.
  • Transformation: Transforming will increase your Magic Capacity
  • Determination: This will modify your Magic each turn.
  • Teamwork: These cards will have an additional effect if they are played directly after a card tagged "Sailor Moon"


The Senshi has sprite based graphics and over 2/3 of the cards have unique animations that happen when they play.
Assist cards will summon their pictured character to execute their attack with sound and vfx inspired by the anime.


This mod was not made for commercial purposes.
Sailor Moon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation
Many sprites are from the Sailor Moon arcade game

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13 oct. 2019 à 7h30
12 nov. 2019 à 17h07
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Mugen✡Chikara Il y a 21 heures 
i wont beg for it, but it would be nice to have this updated for 2.0, It's my favorite character mod.
fee-ona 17 janv. à 19h39 
I hope it'll be updated, this is my favourite mod. T_T
SolarNougat 17 janv. à 4h53 
Will this be updated for 2,0?
vanadi910 16 janv. à 6h46 
compile error after sts 2.0 update
Iceciro 23 nov. 2019 à 10h26 
This mod is cool as hell. but a rebalance would be nice, yes.
Ozzymandias 29 oct. 2019 à 15h00 
great mod! super fun to play! it just feels kinda under powered...
2B 26 oct. 2019 à 15h28 
I really enjoy the concept of the mod. But the numbers get to be almost insignificant in the later maps when you're getting wailed on while trying to break through a block...
odin2050 21 oct. 2019 à 8h35 
Dragoon Kain 15 oct. 2019 à 19h04 
Please take a look at rebalancing this mod again! A lot of people really enjoy it and are waiting for feedback from you!
Deer Trap 28 sept. 2019 à 1h27 
The camp sprite would look better if you ran it through a filter, maybe a subtle blur so it appears less pixelated.