ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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[BR] iARK PvE - PUGNACIA x20XP/x15T [14/12]
16 objets
15 objets
[BR] iARK PvE - ETERNAL LIVE x20XP/x15T [15/02]
16 objets
[BR] iARK PvE - PRIMAL FEAR x20XP/x15T [08/02]
18 objets
[BR] iARK PvE - GAIA x20XP/x15T
14 objets
Mod ID: 1657570103
This mod it’s fully stackable with any mod.

If you like my Mod !!

I'm a new developer of mod to ARK, so this mod it'll be made slowly because I'm learning almost everything and every day. So be patient. =)

This mod it'll be made to having fun crafting and planting all type of resources.

SeedFarm Table
Used to craft all structures, items and seeds.

Speed Vanilla Seeds
This’s all vanilla seeds of berries, veggies from ARK and DLCs. But when planted they growing faster even when planted on vanilla crop plot.

Elementals Crop Plots
They’re an upgrade of vanilla crop plot. Each of them has greenhouse effect booster and just need one ceiling to reach the maximum multiplier effect.

Tiers of Seeds
It has 4 distinct tiers.
Tier 1 - Seeds from resources that can be easier to get farming or killing
Tier 2 - Seeds that need to be mixing resources from Tier 1
Tier 3 - Seeds from medium level to get and need to be mixed from Tiers 1 and Tier 2
Tier 4 - Seeds hardest to get, sometimes you’ll have to fight to get them


Future plans
  • More seeds
  • More crop plots
  • More structures
  • Include magic elemental seed and berry on manual farm
  • Rework all meshes of seeds fruiting
  • Create a config cvars


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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10 janv. à 3h33
23 févr. à 9h48
beginning to make a farm
6 févr. à 22h16
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151 commentaires
BloodOrange 12 févr. à 11h44 
Is there any tutorial how to use this mod?
🅻🆄🆈🅳🅰 9 févr. à 8h27 
You need a Crop as the ultimate tek plot, that doesnt need water or energy but that can be put the seeds of the mod such as stone seed, element seed, polymer seed, wood seed.... and that doesnt duplicate the seeds but that you of the resources of the seed that you have planted in that crop...
RageQuitBuddha 31 janv. à 14h08 
This mod is great! If possible could elemental plots be made to snap together for nicer placement
░B░O░S░S░  [créateur] 29 janv. à 15h40 
This wasn't changed, it's the same as before. All locks to duplicate it's made by the Server Admin.
SoloGaming 29 janv. à 6h15 
please back the ultimate plot like before
now just can duplicate vanila resource
Diavolo 28 janv. à 6h30 
lol eaten tek ultimate plot
V𐌰K𐌰𐌰L 28 janv. à 5h54 
Ya seems the Tek Plots just get eaten now when you try to place them :P Needs to be fixed.
Xeleet 28 janv. à 3h55 
i just updated, the tek plot became consumable
SeLfi 18 janv. à 12h52 
Hello Creator, I would like to know if you could create a panel where you block the stops of primal fear, among others, like the rewerds vault panel, and other things like configuring the part to increase the plot of items needed for the factory
CarolynM 16 janv. à 0h26 
Dien Jan 7 @ 2:13pm
anyone ever have issues with ark crashing when you face or get near certain tek plots?

yes, I'm experiencing this problem now... it just started last night but I crash every time I face my ultimate tek plot... any suggestion how to fix this?