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Advanced Zipline
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Advanced Zipline

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Advanced Zipline

- Content & Features
Advanced Zipline adds a new round of grenade launcher that allows you to deploy an harpon with a rope.
Once the harpon hits somewhere, it allows several players to slide down the rope and overrun valleys, buildings, or any other obstacle!

- Installation & Steam Workshop
Subscribe to the mods of your choice and they will be kept up to date by the Steam Worshop updater.

- Requirements

Advanced Zipline requires CBA_A3 to run.

- Usage

Add the "Advanced Zipline Round" round to your inventory, load it into your grenade launcher and shoot!
Once the rope is deployed, a roll of rope will apear under your feet. Interacting with the roll, you can tighten the rope and slide through it, or pick up the rope and recover the round of GL.

- Documentation and Credits

In process.

- Disclaimer and License

All the computer programs and software are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. We make no warranties, express or implied, that they are free of error, or are consistent with any particular standard of merchantability, or that they will meet your requirements for any particular application. They should not be relied on for solving a problem whose incorrect solution could result in injury to a person or loss of property. If you do use them in such a manner, it is at your own risk. The author and publisher disclaim all liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from your use of the programs.

By downloading and using the Advanced Zipline mod, you hereby agree to the following license agreement.

- Creative Commons

The work contained in this distribution is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Please note that the above mentioned agreement gives the right to Dash to waiver any of the conditions, thus feel free to contact me to obtain permission to modify my work.

It is forbidden to distribute the content of this package by itself, or as part of another distribution, using the Steam Workshop by anyone other than Dash.

You may not use the material for commercial purposes. This includes running this package on server instances that employ any monetization schemes, including, but not limited to, donate-reward systems. Bohemia Interactive's approval of your monitization scheme does not grant you rights to wave this clause of the EULA.

This add-on is provided for Arma 2: Combined Operations or Arma 3 and is not to be used with VBS or any of its derivatives built for the purpose of military training.

- To-do list
- Fix the direction & position bug when sliding on the rope.


Feel free to contact me if you have any problem or doubt. If you are a developer and want to help me out, feel free to contact me too!

Thank you very much again for the support, you make me very happy!

To the people who download my mods and re-upload them, changing their name and little else: I have no problem sharing my code, adding as collaborators and allowing you to edit and improve it, just ask about it :)

I've been busy for a few months because of my job, I'll try to maintain and update the mods as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for your support!
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22 juin à 15h10
Zipline cause fires then never releases player.
Tuxu -=JeepC=-
12 juin à 23h59
Larger activision area would be tremendously helpful!
Tuxu -=JeepC=-
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🅰 🅽🅴🅴🆃👹 18 août à 13h31 
Sadly launching the zipline is like dropping a boulder that's attached to your neck by metal wire.
GTA Overburner 8 juil. à 15h13 
Do we have an ETA for that key?
point down 12 juin à 22h15 
While firing far distances (400m), the line has a tendency to kill the person launching the rope and explode.
CastigadoR 6 juin à 10h30 
Hi, the mod is very good, but it has a very bad bug, when you pull the zip line, a car comes out. When it comes out, nothing happens. The bad thing is that sometimes it shoots 4 zip lines and 4 cars come out and exploit what makes you die instantly. Is there a solution to the bug?

Hola el mod esta muy bien, pero tiene un bug muy malo, cuando tiras la tirolina sale un car, cuando sale uno no pasa nada lo malo es que aveces dispara 4 tirolinas y salen 4 cars y explotan lo que hace que mueras al instante. Hay solucion al bug?

Savius 19 mai à 14h50 
spider-op, spider-op.
does whatever a spider-op does
SomeGuyWithAGlock 28 févr. à 22h34 
I face the left or back when i use the zipline
Dash  [créateur] 23 févr. à 8h49 
Hey guys, thanks everyone for your support!
I will add the key as soon as possible.
Because of my job I barely get time to keep the mods updated...
Chr3sN4tion ツ 20 févr. à 6h18 
Where is the key?
Emlorp 15 janv. à 10h22 
cant edit so deleted commet
original: Is it just me or when i fire this off it spawns a go-kart.... once moved i can use the rope but its strange
Edit: Noticed it was only on a server without the mod for some reason... when hosting a local session no go-kart spawns
Hyperious 15 déc. 2018 à 15h38 
can we get an unlimited range zipline? I'd love to do 3+km zipline runs