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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
30.8.2012 kello 14.59
26.1.2016 kello 19.40

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Gimbal Expansion One is REAL
  • Linear Extenders
  • Winches
  • The Repair Bot
  • Repulsor and Tractor Force Fields
  • Captive Bolt Guns
  • Drone Missiles
  • Huge Naval Cannons
  • Stealth Armor
  • Bumpers
  • Smarter Stabilizers
  • +More

New Maps
  • The Cyber World will challenge your senses
  • Build with friends in Multiplayer Flight Test
  • Enhanced Classic Maps

Racing Mode
  • Mach 3 ships welcome!
  • Race your friends or race the clock
  • All weapons legal
  • Superspeedway and "road" courses available

  • Spammy gun barges welcome!
  • Mindless fragging action
  • EVERYTHING is legal in deathmatch

Elimination Deathmatch
  • Where death is real
  • Are you a bad enough dude to survive?

Capture The Flag
  • Where true teamwork is rewarded
  • Defend or Aggress - YOU CHOOSE!
  • Grab possessions that are not yours
  • Terrorize your enemies by activating your flag holder relict

Custom Avatars
  • Force your friends and enemies to look at your avatar
  • Look Fresh
  • Look Cool

Gimbal is not just a game- it's a community. Here are places where players are trading ships and doing Gimbal-type stuff.

Gimbal Forums[www.gimbalgame.com]
Gimbal Chat (#gimbal on Rizon.net)[qchat.rizon.net]
Gimbal Subreddit
Gimbal Facebook Page[www.facebook.com]

See you in the servers!


Gimbal in Indie Gala Bundle
Julkaisupäivä: Standalone version available NOW
Gimbal is the multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles. Players conduct team-based combat against one another, while gaining money and building bigger, better ships using over 60 different parts. Gimbal has a rigid body physics engine with aerodynamics, so all subcomponents affect speed and handling. Ships can be shared as PNG images because the ship data is stored in the PNG.

Servers are up and players are playing Gimbal NOW.

"HOLY S***, OP
your game is fun as F***
12/10 would buy again"


"This game is amazing. It combines my love for spaceship customisation with the fun of Continuum-esque battling."

"I thought it would be a fun time-killer and instead I end up playing it for hours on end."

"Hella Fun"

Top-down 2D Shooter Gameplay
Realistic, cinematic visual style
Hard Sci-fi slant: Strict physics and combat dynamics
Real Time multiplayer for 16+ players over Internet/LAN
Integrated server browser
Player-hosted, highly customizable servers, with bots
Team Based Gameplay
Elimination and objective based game modes
Shared team sensor networks
Randomized map layouts
Rigid Body Physics engine with...
Per-Pixel hit detection
Completely customizable vehicles
Choose and mount every part - Down to engines, turrets and fins
Build for power, speed, durability, handling, and awareness
Money system - Win bounties and buy exclusive parts
Share fully functional ship designs as images on the Web
Customizable Controls
Mouse, Keyboard and Gamepad support

Official website: www.gimbalgame.com
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1.7.2013 kello 7.32
Gimbal FunTrailer (by yours truly)
25.5.2013 kello 0.36
Is ther any limetation of fire power?
4.12.2012 kello 9.53
Are you going to implement new modes other than team deathmatch?
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Gambit 29.11.2013 kello 2.38 
everyone who got it on desura from indie gala check ur bundle page thats how i got mine
Gambit 24.11.2013 kello 6.27 
im sorry to disturb but how and when will the indie gala buyers ge theyr keys?
sayler_ 19.11.2013 kello 11.29 
When will buyers of IndieGala get steam keys ?
Era Shleeka 15.11.2013 kello 22.59 
singleplayer would be nice
Rosenthal 8.11.2013 kello 20.40 
Woot. Took a while, but it'll be worth it
CIA 4.11.2013 kello 17.39 
game looks amzaing i hope thiers a onfline mode
Whiterabbit-uk 24.10.2013 kello 21.40 
Wondering when those of us who purchased this game via IGS will be getting our Steam keys? :happymeat:
1t5y B1t5y 24.10.2013 kello 15.42 
I am a recluse. I don't interact. I don't speak. I decided to come here and say, "Buy Gimbal. The potential is astounding." Nuff said.
EA4X 17.10.2013 kello 14.04 
It's greenlit, but you probably already know that
EA4X 8.10.2013 kello 18.31