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Musical Throne
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16.2.2017 kello 16.59
8.6.2017 kello 12.03
Julkaisupäivä: Spring 2017
The game is sure to impress music lovers! Create your own music band, play in clubs, concerts and festivals! Take part in competitions and travel around the world, playing on different stages! Make the tour around the planet! You can create your own music competitions with the music on your device! You will never be bored. The whole world is yours! It’s ready to hear you!

The following genre are avaliable:
- Rock
- Classic
- Club music
- Rap
- Pop music

You can select one genre during the registration, and it can’t be changed throughout the game. You can change the genre by creating new account.

The essence of the game:
You need to hit the notes, or the level of audience’ satisfaction will fall to such a level that they will not listen to you any more. To improve the mood of the audience, you can use different effects:
- Smoke
- Fire
- Fog

If the notes are moving too quick you can use Explosion or Slow down time. These effects will help you increase the satisfaction of the audience.

When you upgrade an effect you get longer time of its usage and faster recovery.

Game Modes:
- Arcade. Play on different stages, upgrade your level, earn money and get the opportunity to play on other stages of the country!
- Festival. You can either organize it or take part. Participant makes a fee and gets a chance to win a lot of money. Organizer sets a certain prize from his purse and selects the songs that will be played by musicians.You can choose songs from the list or from your device. The organizer gets all the participants’ fees.
- Training. You can practice any song by selecting it from the list of available songs. Or you can just relax and play your own songs for fun.
- Tour. You get the opportunity to collect a considerable sum of money in a short period of time by playing in different countries.

With the help of chat that translates all messages into the user's localized language, you can easily communicate with players from other countries.
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19.2.2017 kello 7.01
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12 kommenttia
Izark 3.3.2017 kello 14.38 
I love these games, up!
zimk 23.2.2017 kello 7.17 
want this one
Veskaida 19.2.2017 kello 7.02 
It's just... Guitar Hero... With a default cursor, stuttering framerate, and most certainly less songs...

Veskaida 19.2.2017 kello 6.59 
I'm going to ask you to stop.

And you're going to stop making games.

Dishwalla 18.2.2017 kello 11.23 
Jesus H. Christ 18.2.2017 kello 5.15 
Holy shit, this is beyond terrible.
Pioxama 17.2.2017 kello 9.43 
"The following genre are avaliable:
- Rock
- Classic
- Club music
- Rap
- Pop music"
So you're telling me a music game, focusing on a Guitar Hero vibe, has no form of metal at all? Also, you better license some music, because nobody will want to play royalty free or midi files.
白色雑音 17.2.2017 kello 1.42 
Oh look! Shit game, shitty Greenlight boosters on your friends list.

Nah mate
Makoto Tadzumi 16.2.2017 kello 23.37 
Fcking shit games, No, again.
✪xSAMMYDx✪ 16.2.2017 kello 20.33 
Please don't do this. I really think that this will hurt you later in life. You don't wanna be the guy that came up with Musical Throne. People will remember you at parties and they will laugh at you. I care about you, so I just want you to rethink this mess.