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Garry's Mod

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Type: Map, Addon
Tags: Movie, Realism
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2.2.2017 kello 20.08
15.2. kello 19.08
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An abanded church set in the middle of a forest.

This is a rather small map, though it seems to have its own story to tell. Featuring some offices, an auditorium, a kitchen, bathrooms, a nursury, a cave system, and more. Note: Lower end computers may occasionally experience some framerate drops.

Contains textures and models created by me and assets from Portal 2, CS:GO, CS:S, HL2: EP2, and Black Mesa. This does not mean you need those games; the game assets are included in the addon.

Updates can be found in the change notes.
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42 kommenttia
Redtail Animations 17.8. kello 20.13 
Just wondering if it's alright if I port your map to SFM. I have gotten a bunch of requests and I currently have it uploaded. Please let me know ASAP if you want it taken down.
vietnamese man 18.6. kello 0.46 
its all connected. ferox industries worship gaben.
ilxvpain 12.5. kello 8.38 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 23.9.2018 kello 21.25 
Is this based off a real church? I for some reason have a strange obsession with this map.
m1 9.7.2018 kello 16.09 
Can you node this or add a nav mesh? It crashes when ever you use nav_generate!
TheTexanHusky 20.5.2018 kello 13.46 
Again, I wish the vehicle props on the map were removable, so I can replace them with my own.

Would be very appreciated if you can do that.
guyDDDfieri 14.1.2018 kello 14.00 
I like this map and the gabe shrine
Guiltron 14.1.2018 kello 11.21 
There's an error coming out of a wall in one of the map's segments
Rot Buff 22.12.2017 kello 5.01 
Can I make a ttt version out of your map? :missing:
SunnyJim 18.10.2017 kello 2.03 
Churches are alot cleaner than that