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Realistic Rooms
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23.1.2017 kello 14.59
17.7.2019 kello 10.44
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Realistic Rooms

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Lowers the required room sizes to better match realistic sizes of a house. This is also for those who like smaller packed bases. This mod was sugested by Gwazi Magnum.

Note: For anyone curious it does work with the new Multiplayer Mod

You can now pick up this mod up on Nexus at the link below


-minimal sizes by tiles

SW Spacious.....55...............28
Quite Spacious..70...............45
Very Spacious...130.............75
EX Spacious......350.............175

Let me know in the chat below if you feel these sizes are too small or too big.

- Reduced Beauty Debuff for dirt/Filth

Since most people don't walk into an average room, leave a bit of dirt on the floor and decide that room is now the worst room on the planet, i'm adding my "It's just a little dirt" mod to help offset the unrealistic debuff for having floors.


Update: I changed debris and animal filth back to -15, I don't think i will be changing dirt though for the simple reason the smaller the room the worse the original -15 was to the room. So it just doesn't make sense to change that right now to keep the rooms more balanced.

Note this doesn't affect how clean an area is, just how the colonist feel about the area. Everything outside will also most likely be -1 instead of whatever it was normally, thats mostly just because of how the code works for filth objects.

Thank you to everyone who has subbed, faved and rated. I'm shocked by how fast this one is growing.

You can now find the light version of this mod on my workpage for those who want smaller rooms, but find this mod lowered them too much.

This is saved game compatible.

If you want to talk about this mod, send us pics of using this mod or just suggest future mod ideas come join our discord channel Dragon Fist Ent.

And if you enjoyed this mod, please consider donating.


Finally check out my other mods that help with area beauty for rooms, Just a little Dirt(blood & Guts) and Beautiful Weapons.javascript:ValidateForm()
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24.3.2019 kello 13.28
Bugs and Suggestions
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Cyclic 2.1. kello 10.18 
@Crlsniper Ok thanks!
Crlsniper  [tekijä] 2.1. kello 9.55 
the game from what i can tell separates filth into two groups inside and outside with outside hard coded with a much lower negative stat. So this means that any changes to the xml section of filth will affect both values instead of just say the inside values. though most outside values are just -4 already so its not to much of a drop or loss.
Cyclic 2.1. kello 9.25 
Hi, could anyone clarify what's meant by "Everything outside will also most likely be -1 instead of whatever it was normally"? It'll mess with beauty values of things outdoors?
[ZC-9] supremeBOi ☭ 27.10.2019 kello 1.33 
thanks very epic
Sharpk 28.9.2019 kello 17.16 
I've checked the lite version, and I would like to keep the debuff to dirt but increase the room sizes, that's why I'm asking for something in the middle.
Crlsniper  [tekijä] 24.9.2019 kello 9.55 
Like i said below there is a lite version of the mod for those who want something in the middle. just check out my workshop for it.
Sharpk 20.9.2019 kello 16.29 
is there a way to modify values of size rooms or debbufs? I want something in the middle.
Crlsniper  [tekijä] 4.9.2019 kello 9.44 
@SilvergamerxD there is a lite version in my mod workshop list, the buffs in this one are about 50%.
SilvergamerxD 3.9.2019 kello 14.43 
Very nice mod, but I feel like the modifiers are a bit too strong for a regular game;
maybe a 50% or 75% buff would be sufficient instead of a 100% buff to room size and 400%is buff to dirt
SILVER_BUL 14.8.2019 kello 20.46 
Very nice mod , thanks man