rFactor 2

rFactor 2

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Sachsenring GP v1.13
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27.12.2016 kello 11.06
17.7.2018 kello 11.12
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Sachsenring GP v1.13

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conversion from rFactor to rFactor2 by digga

chancelog v1.13
-add basic rain settings
-new IBL Ambient
-change some material names

➡️ original track Sachsenring GP 1.0 by Matthias “Steppenwolf”
➡️ with permission for rFactor2 release - many thanks!

also thanks to McNolo, Miniak, Nuno, JürgenBy

good race for all, have fun 😃
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23 kommenttia
Wolke 5.3. kello 5.53 
track is nice, but broken. Invisible stuff on track, AI goes flying.
fl0wf1r3 4.3. kello 11.43 
feels a bit different than in Raceroom but its nice, happy to have it here :)
miry.budushego24 3.10.2018 kello 14.26 
Nice! helicopter non vr !!!
Matthauser 20.7.2018 kello 13.39 
Top gemacht, danke! :terencexd:
julius_007_3 17.7.2018 kello 20.38 
Thank you, Mr. Digga and all the staff. I was able to enjoy it with steam version.
DA-DIGGA  [tekijä] 17.12.2017 kello 6.26 
Hello Julius, we will fix this issue in the next update(soon), also Oschersleben. Rg digga
julius_007_3 11.12.2017 kello 19.13 
I want you to listen to my serious appeal. I am playing in Japanese version Win10,
but I can not read the course MOD using "Kaercher Bridge" as the attached image.
I have no installation defects.
Can not improve this phenomenon?
Do not you have uses the umlaut other than A-Z on the program?

Spaskis 11.11.2017 kello 11.35 
Version appears as 1.11 ingame. please corrrect
Pedra Junior 22.8.2017 kello 19.21 
Great track! Will she have drs zones for her in the future?
julius_007_3 24.4.2017 kello 19.07 
An error goes out during loading, and it's impossible to play the latest edition. Isn't umlaut used? "Error getting stats for texture KトR_BRIDGE.DDSError loading texture KトR_BRIDGE for material KトR_BRIDGE.":steamsad: