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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Water for ARK V2.2
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27.12.2016 kello 3.13
13.5.2017 kello 2.53
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Water for ARK V2.2

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The hydrant can be placed directly on the map, platform and raft, connect water pipe and tap. Perfect for Scorched Earth. (Pick-up possible)
Stone and Metal pipes can placed on platform and raft. (Pick-up possible)

Admin-Code Hydrant:
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Hydrant/PrimalItemStructure_Hydrant.PrimalItemStructure_Hydrant'" 1 0 false

Admin-Code Water Well:
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Hydrant/WaterWell/PrimalItemStructure_WaterWell_HG.PrimalItemStructure_WaterWell_HG'" 1 0 false

Mod works with TheIsland, TheCenter, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction and Valguero DLC.


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24 kommenttia
TCN7799 2.5. kello 23.37 
we love it very much:steamhappy:
TCN7799 2.5. kello 23.37 
not,Great Mod.Thanks,sir.:steamhappy:
Hulk 💚  [tekijä] 2.5. kello 22.42 
What should I update mod works perfect?
TCN7799 2.5. kello 18.49 
great mod.Please keep it updating,thanks.
Ismael 89 12.7.2018 kello 7.00 
Thanks again Mr. Green for another awesome mod!
im really thinking about donating now, i hope to get some money soon so i can pay you a retribution! at least for a couple beers! you are the best man!
[T.H.]BloodShead 28.12.2017 kello 5.01 

ARK: Aberration - Expansion Pack

Hulk 💚  [tekijä] 16.12.2017 kello 0.57 
Myst 15.12.2017 kello 23.45 
Will this work with the Aberrant dlc?
Dampback 12.8.2017 kello 9.19 
I was looking for something for my air base. I was hoping there was a mod that allowed reseviors to be placed without a pipe and on a platform. this will do. Thank you.
May I suggest a small mod for the resevior though? then I could collect rain water and not have a modern hydrant with infinite water on my quetzal base. tis but a request
Hulk 💚  [tekijä] 10.6.2017 kello 4.11 
Freut mich :steamhappy: