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Cute Hair
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Cute Hair

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The mod has expanded to include skins for other equipments.
Over 200 different customizations for your RP needs!

Learn the engram for the Apple bowl (Female Hair), JD (Male Hair), Skyrim (Helmet & Mask from Skyrim) , Black Kitty (Requested Hairs) or Brown Kitty (Accessories). Craft the item and place it down and craft the hair skin inside. You can take skins off helmets by holding ctrl and dragging the skin to the inventory. Most of the skins are dyeable. Just drag a dye onto it!

Follow my Stream at to see whats coming in future updates.

Requests are taken while I'm streaming.
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28.11.2018 kello 15.49
Cover pic has multiple skins on their heads? how?
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MrRageQuit 20.6. kello 11.36 
MOD ID 806480270
miro 20.6. kello 4.52 
Aegis 6.4. kello 4.19 
wait... 500mb for haircutes?
Storm 4.3. kello 9.05 
Every time I log on my hair is shaved off. I have to unskin the hat then re-skin it.
Nka19 (Selling NI Gear) 12.1. kello 23.52 
nvm I created myself a spawn code (still if someone knows how to legit craft it let me know)

Here if anyone needs it however:
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/CuteHair/v6/male/Skyrim/Konahrik/Kona.Kona'" 1 0 0
Nka19 (Selling NI Gear) 12.1. kello 23.42 
Can someone tell me how to craft skyrim's Konahrik mask? Months/Year ago I was able to craft it and then randomly not, and later I was able to again (don't remember), all i remember is that sometimes it was there sometimes not. I always had problems finding it. It's only mask with a black hoodie, i still have it on my 1st server but started new on exctinsion and I want to use this skin but no clue how to craft it again.
van Grunz 10.1. kello 0.43 
@ 没字没有没:
Just subscribe. Then, in Single Player, after you've learned the engrams, craft your desired skin and drag it onto your helmet armour. You can take off a skin by re-draggin your helmet to a free inventory place while holding CTRL key. On a multiplayer server, the server admin has to install this mod. Enjoy!
没字没有没 9.1. kello 22.25 
how can i use this mod?Who can tell me?
GlitterKitten 21.11.2018 kello 11.09 
Summer this mod was updated a month later than this one. that's all i think.
Ducky 15.11.2018 kello 17.43 
Works fine for me, but all the skins I've used do not seem to be dyable :(