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Yoshi Survivor (Coach)
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Survivors: Survivors, Coach
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Yoshi Survivor (Coach)

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When the Spirit of Fright, one of the Yoshi Island Spirits has gotten a taste of the infection, he has lost all of his kindness, and resorted to distorting the pages of the Forbidden Pop-Up Book so that everyone will turn into zombies. They may not be mummified like him, but they're still an undead, lethal threat. The rest of the Yoshi Island Spirits have to yet again enlist Yoshi to fight the epidemic of zombies caused by the Spirit of Fright. But this time, throwing eggs and tilting your GameBoy Advance isn't enough to stop these zombies. Fortunately, the art of throwing eggs has taught Yoshi how to shoot properly, so his transistion to a gun is easy and quick. Other survivors have also paired up with Yoshi, because Yoshi by himself cannot stop the epidemic, and no other Yoshis have been seen ever since Yoshi's Island has been infested with moaning and groaning mummies who would complain how everything is better in the old days, and when the Yoshi's Island game series used to be something to be taken seriously. The worst part is, is that none of the zombies look particularly appetizing to Yoshi; if he ate them, Yoshi would probably end up turning into a zombie too...

This mod goes over Coach. I've used ZecMacaw's Proportion Trick[sites.google.com] to get Yoshi to a better proportion. The attachments are also altered so that the stuff like medkits and grenades don't clip through Yoshi.


-World model (third person)
-View model (first person)
-HUD icons

Doesn't contain

-An egg arsenal

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I'd appreciate it if you didn't make requests, these mods take a really long time to make, a lot off my free time.
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Commissar Yuri 10.10. kello 16.05 
even during zombie apoalypse this green boi avoid his taxes
mery 26.8. kello 3.17 
Chiggy 10.12.2017 kello 20.29 
I Have 1 Suggestion, And It Is Make A Red Yoshi For Ellis. Just So Yoshi Wont Be Lonely
BabyLuigiOnFire  [tekijä] 7.8.2017 kello 17.13 
I don't understand how they "can't be used together", the only thing that should conflict is their add-on.txt or another .txt file that doesn't affect gameplay whatsoever.
jamgoole 10.7.2017 kello 10.14 
i tried to use this mid with toadette mod you have also done however rhey can't be used together, why?
Raven 6.7.2017 kello 23.19 
(has yoshi smoker mod) I'm sorry it has to come to this my friends, but I have no choice. You're just not yourselves anymore. -Yoshi.
KomodoDragon 4792 21.1.2017 kello 18.20 
@BabyLuigi can you make a donkey kong survivor mod? or at least a diddy kong survivor mod?
Darealwhitechocolate 8.8.2016 kello 21.06 
you. I like you.
Mellow 17.7.2016 kello 6.48 
You can make daisy?
● thatguysebi ● 1.7.2016 kello 15.10 
we need a better yoshi smoker aaa