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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
15.5.2016 kello 13.10
20.9.2016 kello 13.58
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Non-linearity in Theseus
Julkaisupäivä: 2017
Theseus is a challenging puzzle platformer that forces players to constantly question the way they move through the world. You can't jump, but you can grow and change. And sometimes change means leaving things behind.

Explore a curious non-linear world, and discover a wordless story of identity, acceptance, and companionship. Push forward on your journey, or re-solve previous levels in new ways to unlock mysterious new areas.

Originally created during the Ludum Dare 35 game jam, Theseus placed 4th Overall, 4th in Fun, and 6th in Innovation out of nearly 1600 entries!

Play the FREE pre-alpha demo in your browser right now!
It's based on the original Ludum Dare version and contains over 30 playable levels!

Full version features:
  • Dozens of elegant, challenging levels, each designed to bend, warp, and break your thinking about the mechanics
  • A sweeping soundtrack with more than 10 original songs
  • All-new world-defining environment art
  • Unusual creatures to meet, who might fear you, admire you, or want to help you
  • Even more mechanics and secrets to uncover
  • An intuitive level editor, allowing you to create and share levels around the world


"Theseus may look pretty basic, but once you start playing you'll be hooked by it's ingenious block building gameplay mechanics and brilliant level design... A remarkable bit of game design."
- Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer - http://www.alphabetagamer.com/theseus-game-jam-build-download/

"The puzzle design is really excellent! The most obvious ways are often the wrong ones - just like in life, eh? - and you'l feel pretty clever when you solve some of the riddles. Impressive."
- Sebastian Standke, Game Jam Curator - http://gamejamcurator.tumblr.com/post/143576951396/theseus
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27 kommenttia
OwO 11.6.2016 kello 20.57 
the rain looks like it should support a naritive based game.
klh554 21.5.2016 kello 16.34 
Playing this demo was the greatest thing I've experienced since Simba defeated Scar and reclaimed Pride Rock
Dan Harris  [tekijä] 21.5.2016 kello 10.53 
@buckle2000 -- Thanks! I'd be happy to chat and point your toward some helpful resources on level design and particularly puzzle design. Feel free to get in touch Twitter: @TheMeorch
buckle2000 21.5.2016 kello 5.19 
great mechanism + mind blowing level design.
oh I want someone to teach me level design
Game Development Championship 19.5.2016 kello 9.52 
Cool and versatile gameplay concept. I also like the deeper meaning behind it.

I would like to see you participate in a competition that we’re running, the Game Development World Championship 2016. It's an opportunity to increase your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

You can check it out at www.thegdwc.com .

Good luck with your game.
azirphaeli 18.5.2016 kello 16.01 
The concept is solid, and I see what you are going for narrative wise... but the game itself (art work, scale, etc...) need a ton of work before I can yes vote this. Looks like a fun free mobile/browser game right now, which is good.. when it's free and on mobile or in my browser..

Until then, gotta no vote. :togsad:
Dan Harris  [tekijä] 17.5.2016 kello 18.11 
Thanks for your support, everyone!

I've updated the demo to include arrow buttons that let you skip levels backward and forward, so you can more easily check out the variety of levels and mechanics.

If you enjoy Theseus, please share this page with friends!
1337geckoo 16.5.2016 kello 22.22 
It looks really interesting with a fun concept. Also I did something for LudumDare - BrainRequired. I support my community. Voted Yes. Good luck ++
iichelsea 16.5.2016 kello 21.50 
This game looks like it would be fun to play, I'd buy it.
experiment 16.5.2016 kello 19.04 
this game looks like it will have some challenging aspects, and the demo was fun.
i probably wouldn't buy it, not because i wouldn't want to, but because i don't actually have funds 90% of the time. but good game overall! can't wait to see how this looks.