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40K: The Solo Heresy - Starter Kit
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Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4
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14.10.2015 kello 19.42
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40K: The Solo Heresy - Starter Kit

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Now you can play Warhammer 40K by yourself, using a simple set of rules to automate the deployment and behavior of your enemy's army.

Download the free core rulebook here:
(requires 7th edition Warhammer 40K rules)

This package includes a set of tools to streamline your game of The Solo Heresy:

-1 Enemy Type die to quickly roll for the enemy A.I. personalities
-1 reference card listing the behavior of each Enemy Type
-36 Battlefield Event cards
-6 Challenge Event cards
-1 custom scatter die
-6 custom Spawn Markers
-6 custom Objective Markers

40K armies, maps, and tactical objective cards are available elsewhere on the Workshop. A full listing is available here:

The Solo Heresy is still in BETA, so I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments. Hope you enjoy the game!
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14 kommenttia
Baktillus 25.5. kello 16.47 
Any news on an 8th ed version?
D6 27.12.2017 kello 11.12 
No news on a 8th edition version?
OppressorMan  [tekijä] 4.7.2017 kello 18.20 
@Abaddon: Thanks! The latest version is the most current, although I'd like to do a big update for 8th edition.
van cleef 2.7.2017 kello 17.14 
this is brilliant are u still updating it?
Kommandant Frisk 23.9.2016 kello 13.47 
Ah. I never looked at the orks, thank you for informing me.
OppressorMan  [tekijä] 21.9.2016 kello 23.04 
@[Katls] Kommandant Frisk: In the forward, I was referring to the Ork "Natural Instincts" rules in Epic 40K, which govern how an Ork unit becomes autonomous when separated from its Nob. You can find these described here:

It would be interesting to adapt the Solo Heresy rules for use in Epic 40K, although a bit tricky due to the emphasis in Epic on keeping units in formation. But I think it would be possible if you applied the Natural Instinct rules described above to govern movement, at the cost of a more chaotic game.
Kommandant Frisk 21.9.2016 kello 11.01 
So you mentioned in the forward that there were similar, offical rules for Epic 40k, but I can't seem to find them. I would love to practice agaisnt an automated opponent while I got more familiar with the ruleset. Regular Warhammer 40k is cool, but I'd love to actually run massive armies (i.e. a titan legion) without bogging the entire thing down and destroying the balance of the game.

On Solo Heresy itself, this is a great tool to help someone new play against eachother or if you want to represent a hostile NPC faction in a narrative campaign. Good work.
OppressorMan  [tekijä] 6.1.2016 kello 19.18 
Thanks -- let me know how it works out!
Rogue428 30.12.2015 kello 20.28 
Thanks!! This is perfect. Now to print out these suckers and give it whirl on the tabletop! Great idea btw!
OppressorMan  [tekijä] 26.12.2015 kello 12.13 
Resolution of individual cards is 750x1050px, intended to be printed on wide playing cards (2.5x3.5in).