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End State
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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
17. heinä, 2015 15.00
27. heinä, 2015 17.45
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Alpha coming soon.
Site français
Julkaisupäivä: TBA
The Game
End State is a turn-based tactics game set in the world of modern counter-terrorism.

The Setting
In End State you are a station chief of a covert intelligence unit operating in foreign soil, a war-torn country in Eastern Europe where warring militia groups, private security forces and criminal organizations are all driving their own agendas among the chaos. Your task is to gather intel on a terrorist network operating within the region and track down their leaders. You will search for leads, find your targets, gear-up your team and coordinate tactical missions in the field.

  • Turn-based tactical combat, with action points and interruptions.
  • Interactive levels with different types of cover, peeking around corners, climbing through windows, destuctable walls and objects and more.
  • Stealth options with advanced visibility and hearing systems.
  • Range of modern weapons from pistols to sniper rifles with varying accuracy, reaction, damage, penetration and more.
  • Varying mission types capture intel, eliminate high-value targets, rescue hostages and more.
  • Strategic layer where you manage your operatives, skills, equipment, leads and missions.

About the development
The game is developed with a passion for turn-based tactical games and of course is inspired by the classics of the genre such as Jagged Alliance and X-Com, but also tactical shooters like the original Rainbow Six games and the SWAT-series.

There is quite a bit of development that has led to the current version of End State. If you wish to read more about it you may go to: http://www.endstategame.com/#!about/c24vq

Thank you for reading and please vote if you like!
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29. tammi 2.36
New game ideas for dev to look at.
13. marras, 2016 4.11
Any approximate release date?
20. tammi 0.47
Is there something similar like the map phase from jagged alliance?
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bar.pys 30. tammi 11.29 
uh oh, looks solid so far. Maybe this will help with my hurt feelings due to most of the past JA remakes.
iGRA 15. tammi 6.16 
already in my fav's list
MangorushZ 14. tammi 14.21 
Will keep my eye on this one
kenzman9076 13. tammi 11.16 
Good start... but where is the JA2 charm? Each character on your team and some in the world need to have something about them that players will love. This is what made JA2 great! The demo video seems a little cold and unloved
Baloo 28. joulu, 2016 6.09 
I've been keeping an eye on this ever since the first gif was posted on imgur, love the idea, so glad it was greenlit, CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY!
Sayonara83 21. joulu, 2016 5.31 
need alpha!
alb55 twitch.tv 19. loka, 2016 23.21 
giv me
Ranisz 14. elo, 2016 1.38 
Added to fav's
Trajan 27. kesä, 2016 16.15 
Looking better and better!
[linux] cyberpunk 24. kesä, 2016 19.23 
Looks great. Please consider porting to Linux.-