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The Captive 1941
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
20. helmi, 2015 14.02
13. syys, 2016 0.08
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Julkaisupäivä: 2016
Germany, 1941. As an Allied spy it sucks to get caught behind enemy lines. Stealth action game about breaking out from German occupied castle during WW2.
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7. maalis, 2015 7.54
14. maalis, 2015 8.55
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5. maalis, 2015 20.25
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that would be very good, on steam almost all good games are not made for mac so it would be great to have this one...
Mental Moose  [tekijä] 8. maalis 22.31 
Potreik: One of us, yes :). Thanks!
Hansolo: Regarding Mac, why not? We just need to finish Captive for PC first. We had to make another small project meanwhile (that's almost done now. More about it later) and then we can continue with Captive.
Could this be for mac?

I think there should be a backpack to store and maybe craft some things,or a menu to unlock new tricks with points you get from missons. The style of the game is pretty good, but you could do some other weather than just darkness,night and rain. Like it!
ptkNTC 8. marras, 2016 10.35 
Is Jussi Wickström behind this? Whoa, you sure have a lot of talent in multiple areas! Very nice work on this game, hope it gets greenlit.
Bear 21. kesä, 2015 19.07 
WharGhoul 22. huhti, 2015 17.26 
Mental Moose just remember... If you make it big time
Just say NO to EA
WharGhoul 22. huhti, 2015 17.24 
Voice Nerd 28. maalis, 2015 20.13 
VERY nice!
Sveshennay_Tapok 14. maalis, 2015 11.40