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The Seven Years War
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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French, German
Players: Single-player
17.1.2015 kello 8.10
26.1.2016 kello 19.48

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Release announced for October 30th 2015
Project state: 2015-08-16
Julkaisupäivä: October 2015
THE SEVEN YEARS WAR (1756 - 1763)

campaign features:

- play 20 realtime campaigns ranging from the road to war in 1750 to the death of Tsarina Elisabeth in 1762, each with individual goals
- coverage of the complete European and North American theatre with more than 110 cities and provinces
- take command of 6 nations (Britain, France, Prussia, Austria, Russia) out of a total of 13 nations
- build up a huge economy with complex product chains to supply your people, armies and fleets
- develop your cities and provinces to gain wealth and recruits
- establish trade on more than 20 goods with local markets, foreign nations and fight for control of narrow map resources
- use a wide range of diplomatic measures like prisoner exchanges or joint military actions
- trade with natives like Hurons or Irokese nations and take influence to gain valuable allies
- build up your armies from a single named regiment to a complex division hierarchy
- manage your officer corps with individual expertise depending on the type of arms
- research more than 90 technologies to increase your production efficiency or gain access to new buildings and units
- set 10 different politics to change the direction of your nation ranging from trade liberalisation to food rations
- take control of naval routes to gain access to luxory goods or cut supply to your enemy's colonies
- play city or fort sieges by digging trenches and artillery fortifications
- issue war loans or order coin debasements to improve your financials

battle features:

- lead your armies to epic real time battles with thousands of soldiers and more than 100 individual unit types
- allocate a huge set of weapons to increase strength, movability, range or accuracy of each unit
- soldiers gain moral by advancing to the music of pipes and drums
- give orders to a single regiment, a brigade or a complete division
- use the advantages of terrains like increased fire range on hills or reduced cavalry charge in woods
- conquer strategic goals like hills, bridges, cities and buildings to gain victory points
- watch your individual regiments gaining experience and honors from battle to battle
- conquer enemy artillery and use it against your enemy
- build up trenches to increase the defensive strength of your units
- play historic battles like the battle of kolin or leuthen

system requirements and further Information:
single player
languages: english, german, french
1 gb vram
2 gb ram
5 gb hd

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26.2.2015 kello 13.22
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160 kommenttia
Captain Müller (KGF)  [tekijä] 4.10.2015 kello 9.11 
if there are any translators for french, spanish and italian i would be glad if they could support translating the game. this contains about 600 phrases and some scenario descriptions.

if you are interested please mail to: feedback@thesevenyearswar.com
Captain Müller (KGF)  [tekijä] 4.10.2015 kello 9.08 
salut, je n'etait pas le temp pour implementer le francais maintenant, mais je vais faire ca via update un peu plus tard. je suit desole...
er.correge 4.10.2015 kello 7.47 
Bonjour j'ai vu que le jeu sort le 30 octobre félicitation.Mais pas en langue française ? Oubli de steam ou le français n'est plus prévu dans le jeu.A bientôt.
[TWC]Stradar 1.10.2015 kello 14.54 
Congrats on the release date!! Cant wait!!
Captain Müller (KGF)  [tekijä] 19.9.2015 kello 8.46 
pour voir un petit tutorial allez à: http://thesevenyearswar.com/tutorials.htm
je vais informer sur le prix depuis les jours prochains.
er.correge 16.9.2015 kello 8.48 
Bonjour bientot le grand jour (octobre).Un tutorial sera présent dans le jeu? Et combien coutera le jeu à sa sortie?
Foraning 9.9.2015 kello 12.06 
I'm sorry for my scepticism. I'm just a bit blown away by all I see. A little bit of heaven coming my way, already in october! I will certainly buy it.
Captain Müller (KGF)  [tekijä] 9.9.2015 kello 11.20 
Hi Foraning!

Thanks for your feedback! You are right, it is very hard to do that project alone. I have been working for more than 3 years now on that game. Surely you cannot expect graphical effects shown in <Empire Total War> but I am sure you will be delighted about game depth and the wide range of game options. I will post another video within the next days showing current graphics status and ui functions.

The game is currently in beta phase, which means there is still a lot of work to do, a lot of bugs to fix. But even after the scheduled release in October I am planning to implement as many user feedbacks as possible, as I already did in the alpha testing phase.

Please follow the news and updates on my homepage: www.thesevenyearswar.com
Foraning 9.9.2015 kello 9.47 
My god. This game is what I've been looking for since Empire Total War turned out to be such a dissapointment. However, I'm still a bit sceptical about one person pulling all this off. I mean there is so much in your game a Total War game or EU4 is put to shame. Maybe graphics , ui or ai will turn out lackluster.
Blucher007 7.8.2015 kello 7.46 
Your game looks great. I cannot wait to play it. As ever if you need a Beta tester!!