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Smess: The Ninny's Chess!
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Game Type: Board Games
Number of Players: 2
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Smess: The Ninny's Chess!

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"Smess: The Ninny's Chess!" a.k.a. "All the King's Men": A simple chess variant by Parker Brothers, sadly now out of print for many years returns from oblivion in Tabletop Simulator! Sorry, the minifigures are represented with standard chess pieces because I don't know how to make models. Maybe someday we'll see those little guys again.

Here are the official rules provided by Hasbro:

Cool page where I found a low-rez game board image:

I traced the game board in InkScape[] in order to provide a high resolution game board image for Tabletop Simulator. I can send the SVG to anyone who requests it. Just email me at

I chose to use the game board image that had the starting places marked because that's how I remember the original gameboard.
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6 kommenttia
CR4YCR4Y 14.3.2015 kello 17.59 
I've already sent you something on Reddit but I'm going to tell you the same stuff here. I'm okay at 3d modeling, not "good" by any stretch of the imagination, but I could make simple pieces with reference images. Get in touch if you're interested!
Ben McLean  [tekijä] 12.7.2014 kello 22.31 
Silent Hunter, yeah, I could, but that's lame. I think the standard chess pieces are actually better than doing it that way.
Silent-Hunter 12.7.2014 kello 12.20 
You could add 'custom figures' with pictures of the figurines on them.
Ben McLean  [tekijä] 11.7.2014 kello 15.19 
It is technically possible to add the models but I'd need to find someone with a 3D scanner to scan them or else get much better at 3D modelling than I currently am.
primoaurelius 11.7.2014 kello 14.48 
fun fun
Silent-Hunter 7.6.2014 kello 9.59 
They added custom model support, so you could add the original models if you can do OBJ.