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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
5.5.2014 kello 7.00
26.1.2016 kello 19.42

Näytä Isomer kaupassa

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Getting Steam-y (but still totally SFW)
Isomer is coming to Steam!
Julkaisupäivä: Late 2014 / Early 2015
Isomer is an alphafunded isometric strategy game inspired by classic XCOM games, Dwarf Fortress and many other survival titles. It's open ended, sandbox and each world is procedurally generated leading to an almost unlimited number of different worlds to explore, mine, loot and conquer.

You play the role of the commander of an alien force sent to a distant planet tasked with setting up a mining outpost. You land with a dropship and a compliment of minions who will mine for resources, build fortifications and blast any unwitting humans who venture too close. Each world has it's own distribution of biomes, resources and enemy facilties staffed with angry defenders keen on evicting you from their planet!

How long will you survive? What will you find on each world? How large will you build your base and armies?

Available for purchase now![www.ionisingsoftware.co.uk]

  • Can be bought either via Humble on Desura (link to store pages[www.ionisingsoftware.co.uk])
  • Anyone who buys the game can request a Steam key on Greenlight!
  • Help shape development of Isomer by providing suggestions and feedback!
  • Every update is free (no microtransations or anything else in the future)
  • No issues with copyright or monetisation of videos (we love LPers, see our page on the subject[www.ionisingsoftware.co.uk])
  • We hate bugs and will make fixing any found our highest priority
  • Regular updates!


  • Control an alien force hell-bent on conquest
  • Explore huge procedurally generated worlds
  • Attack and pillage enemy bases to hinder their resistence
  • Defend against enemy attacks
  • Mine and scavenge for resources and loot
  • Build and defend vast fortifications
  • Realtime strategy, combat, world exploration and survival mechanics
  • Adaptive AI which reacts and changes how the game plays depending on the choices of the player
  • Almost unlimited variations of worlds to explore and conquer, no two games are the same

What are people saying?

Steam User redgigabyte lähetti viestin:
This is a fantastic game. It is one of those games where I have looked up at the clock at 12:00 AM and thought just another hour. Then at 3:30 AM eyes strained, must sleep... but still planning my next moves while falling in bed falling asleep.

Steam User bar.pys lähetti viestin:
Another content IR bundle buyer here. Great game even at the current, alpha stage. Thx for bundling and giving us the opportunity to play this gem.

Steam User Stoneth lähetti viestin:
Mmmm ... Dwarf Fortress in space! Awesome!

Steam User Izostar lähetti viestin:
Went and bought it right away ^^ ! so excited ! yes this game made my day . Very very nice. Love the concepts . i was a fan of towns i admit but this is a lot better as it summon my sci fi and space and aliens demons lol
Suositut keskustelut Näytä kaikki (4)
30.6.2014 kello 3.03
11.7.2014 kello 10.53
Steam key
8.7.2014 kello 22.25
Can you build turrets and traps in this game?
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Arnust 4.5.2015 kello 10.56 
Boohooo looks like Minecraft so what. Looks like a good strategy game and let's wait for the demo
Cherrypone 30.1.2015 kello 17.52 
Seems cool.
Sorta like Dwarf Fortress/Rimworld, two of my favorite games.
AlexFox 24.1.2015 kello 5.55 
I want 2D Minecraft-roguelike-advanture!
Uncle Nat 14.8.2014 kello 15.52 
Top-Down Minecraft.
Frogurt97 28.7.2014 kello 13.23 
Looks awesome just downloaded :summerghost:
Half-Master 25.7.2014 kello 8.57 
Looks like dwarf fortress
Mohow 12.7.2014 kello 17.35 
I wish the dev luck, this is a big project and it's got a long way to go. He should consider hiring help for art and such.
Cyan 12.7.2014 kello 12.36 
Congrats! It looks great!
K1lo  [tekijä] 11.7.2014 kello 10.58 
Aaaand it's now available on Steam via Early Access!! Thank you everyone for voting!
Kade 7.7.2014 kello 15.00 
This looks just like Towns, but they stopped updating and went to this.