Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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Walled In - CQC Team Objective map
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Game (maps & mods): Medieval Warfare
Mod and/or Map? (maps & mods): Map
Map game modes (maps & mods): Team Objective
Misc. (maps & mods): Fortification Map Contest
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25.3.2014 kello 8.18
29.6.2014 kello 18.06
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Walled In - CQC Team Objective map

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25 kommenttia
Mr. Poops 21.9.2014 kello 22.07 
There seems to be an issue with killing the villagers. I recently played on this map and the villagers objective farthest right of the agatha spawn will not complete. All villagers have been killed, but no completion.
Yarnu The Dog 2.7.2014 kello 0.14 
Oh my, nice new art once again. Will test soon :masonfist:
Yarnu The Dog 30.5.2014 kello 5.10 
Dont forget Mr Palmen! Please reupload the latest build and fix the bug so we can enjoy your map!

Cheers :masoneagle: :IS2:
Yarnu The Dog 24.4.2014 kello 20.14 
Holy Hell, the new ART pass looks amazing!! :masonfist:
NormalShoes 15.4.2014 kello 12.31 
very blank, untextured, a bit too modern, but a good start:)
Yarnu The Dog 5.4.2014 kello 20.37 
Mr Palms, how comes the progression? :axesword:
BlankFrank 3.4.2014 kello 17.55 
The blind corners on the west side look like they will be responsible for many decapitations
Nicon 2.4.2014 kello 8.43 
Reminds me of Chivalry, cool map :)
Silent Night 1.4.2014 kello 19.50 
very fun mAP!!!!!!!
Dekter135 1.4.2014 kello 15.13 
i know your probably gonna add texture but for can something so empty be so amazing?