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Building structures (Walls and doors) with thermal insulation properties.


Provides a means to place thermal insulation materials into structure items that help with reducing the transfer rates of heat IG. There are different doors and walls provided with an associated insulation material to be used with it in its construction:

Neolithic - Biomass material (Butchers Table/Spot)
Medieval - Fibres (Textile/Leather) (Tailor's Bench/Crafting Spot)
Industrial - Synthetic Polymer (Biofuel Refinery)
Spacer - Hyper Advanced Filter (Hyperweave, Plasteel & Neutroamine) (Biofuel Refinery)

As thermal insulators they all will perform well in the task, but with tech level improvements the ability to be able to manage larger rooms with less heating cooling facilities is more noticeable and more so when the temperature ranges move into more extreme values.

Hyper slabs as an advanced filter also have sterile properties associated with them.

The balancing factors are that they are less robust than their standard counterpart, take slightly longer to construct and require the additional materials to be provided for construction.

The insulation effect also relates to stuff properties, but in a more generalised manner based on what type it is, so metallic, woody, stony as opposed to a more complex arrangement of looking at the stuff properties for insulation power. (This since not all of these values will be defined either in vanilla or as modded elements).

In order of precedence: Fabrics > Stone > Wood > Metal for their insulation capabilities.

For redundancy of the insulation materials:

Biomass slabs can be used as animal feed.
Fabric slabs can be recycled to burlap (textile).
Polymer slabs can be recycled to 50% of the Chemfuel.
Hyper Slabs can be recycled as part of the materials for Ultratech Medicine. (Where Medical Supplements is loaded).

Mod Notes

Research projects in own tab. Makes use of own architect menu area to separate the insulation structures.

Can be added to a save game and removal would require removing all the relevant items and connected elements.

Mod Option(s)

Includes a mod option to "tweak" the effectiveness of the insulation. This will allow you to fine tune the process more to your liking as desired.


Apothecary - Uses some plant materials as biomass insulation ingredients.
Combat Extended - Applies the appropriate damage multipliers for the walls.
Linked doors - applies graphics for extended insulated doors.
LWM's Deep storage - Insulation can be stored on pallets.
Medical Supplements - Recycle Hyper Slabs as part materials to make ultratech medicine.
RFF - Uses plant scrap materials for biomass insulation ingredient option.
RimPlas - Includes RimThermoPlas spacer versions of the doors and walls. (Also includes additional elements).


Replace Stuff - Uuugggg: Allows you to replace walls without having to deconstruct them first. Thus facilitating insulation being applied to existing walls with less impact to the rooms temperature balance during the refit.

(I will leave it to player discretion if they do not wish to use this mod for a higher degree of difficulty with the management and installation of structures and their related materials.)

Future Considerations

Roof/Deep Insulation - (Might not be needed).

Spacer Insulation (Sterile properties).


Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) - HawnHan
Japanese translation - Proxyer



Pelador's Discord


(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
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30.11.2019 kello 5.59
Suggestions for Hyper slab recycling
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78 kommenttia
Pelador  [tekijä] 2 tuntia sitten 

If it's a case of not wanting to remove existing walls whilst in the process of replacing them with insulated walls, akin to the idea of placing insulation into existing walls, then there is a mod that can help with that:

Replace Stuff - by Uuugggg

Askeleton 2 tuntia sitten 
It'd be cool if this could be built onto walls instead of being their own walls, but I don't know the intricacies of how that works.
Pelador  [tekijä] 27.1. kello 1.12 

Compatibility for the Linked doors mod.

(Note for existing saves, as per the notes on the Linked doors page, you may need to rebuild existing doors for them to appear properly).
Pelador  [tekijä] 24.1. kello 7.51 
@Lionion [cont]

Also remember that you can already build walls out of the Rimefeller synthetics you describe which then don't exhibit insulation properties.

But useful perhaps to note that you can build walls out of Rimefeller synthetics that are then partially filled with the materials from this mod to help with insulation, and thus still provide a fairly robust wall construction that is then also insulated.
Pelador  [tekijä] 24.1. kello 7.45 
@Lionion [cont]

tldr: I don't see a purposeful need to provide greater functionality to the use of Rimefeller synthetics for insulation purposes.

And for game balance purposes better that the spacer insulation has list of more involved materials use. (But at least the materials used being a part of Rimefellers production outcomes).
Pelador  [tekijä] 24.1. kello 7.41 

Synthetic polymers can take on characteristics and properties that are very different from each other.

The synthetics in Rimefeller, which I'm aware is a popular mod and use myself, are more orientated towards being plastics, and in some cases re-enforced plastics akin to materials like Kevlar. Which can then be used as a resource for building and manufacturing. They are not characterised however as being a polymer that has good insulating properties.

E.g. IRL, there is a huge difference between say polystyrene foam and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic.

And if anything a more robust and dense plastic akin the Rimefeller versions are therefore less likely to have good insulating properties or construction feasibility as per the use of a polymer foam. Where the trade-off for having insulation (for balance) is less hit points to denote the walls fragility as stylised by using these kind of synthetics.
Lionion! 24.1. kello 5.48 
As far as I know, the polymers here only serve as the insulation for the walls, correct? (As in, it serves no other purpose in any of your other possibly integrated mods.)

Rimfeller has an extensive chemfuel related production cycle, one of which is Synthelene, a material that you can synthesize out of chemfuel as a cheap building material (literally polymer).

It's a fairly popular mod, and I think this mod has a lot of potential as temperature control is mandatory for coolers even in vanilla, so I thought maybe this mod could get an integration with Rimfeller to use the mod's Synthelene and Synthelene composite for industrial and spacer walls repectively. Up to you, though.
Pelador  [tekijä] 24.1. kello 0.28 

Sorry, but what are you referring to as a duplicate?
Lionion! 23.1. kello 21.26 
It's pretty much a duplicate with different production cycle.
Pelador  [tekijä] 23.1. kello 18.24 

All of the materials used to make Polymer (industrial) and Hyper (spacer) insulation are made using vanilla elements, which are all aspects of Rimefellers production processes anyhow. So am unsure why there is a need to provide additional compatibility, as it is therefore already compatible?