Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

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RobZ Realism mod 1.26.7(Missions)
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RobZ Realism mod 1.26.7(Missions)

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Missions based on the Rob Modz Realism mod 1.26.5.

-The Nijmegen Bridge
-The bunker
-The Battle of Foy

En la descripción de los vídeos de Youtube podéis descargar las misiones en Español.

-El Puente de Nimega
-El Bunker
-La Batalla de Foy

All help is welcome.
Toda ayuda es bienvenida.

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31 kommenttia
SPANISH WARRIOR  [tekijä] 30.9. kello 10.57 
CheeseTheBurger 30.9. kello 10.51 
i see the bunker mission is based on the final mission of hidden and dangerous 2. i enjoyed it ty
SPANISH WARRIOR  [tekijä] 29.9. kello 7.06 
I'll keep that in mind, thanks for enjoying my work and soon more missions will come with Robz
Toasty_Tacos 28.9. kello 17.08 
I really enjoyed the bunker mission, but i suggest that you create a script to remove the roof of the bunker or make it invisible when you have to begin clearing it out
MadMatz 23.8. kello 4.24 
Ok, thank you for answer.
SPANISH WARRIOR  [tekijä] 23.8. kello 3.42 
Thank you
That is a thing of the creators of the original mod, I guess they will be working on it
MadMatz 22.8. kello 22.59 
Fantastic mod, thanx! No plans for fix the ammo bar in the left corner that shows how much ammo soldiers has? It is showing 0 for all soldiers now :(
miamivice305 5.8. kello 7.01 
HAHA! My Ninja! :steamhappy:
SPANISH WARRIOR  [tekijä] 4.8. kello 7.28 
So far there is one and tomorrow I upload another. The Spanish civil war is incredible😎😎😎
miamivice305 4.8. kello 5.22 
so how many missions so far?
F.Y.I. Spanish Civil war would be nice right?
just saying :steamsalty: