Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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DeI - Less Minimum Ranks
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DeI - Less Minimum Ranks

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Hi All,

This Official DeI submod is for people who play on unit size lower than Ultra. It changes how much you can stretch a unit, in other words, what minimal depth your formation can have.

Changes to minimum amount of ranks:

Melee infantry: From 7 to 5

Ranged Infantry: From 4 to 3

Cavalry: From 4 to 3

More combat related submods:
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k.meagher 31.12.2018 kello 22.59 
very cool
mmsow 31.12.2018 kello 10.56 
markdin 30.12.2018 kello 17.50 
GreenJKing 30.12.2018 kello 2.37 
Awesome! Thanks
RobbStark 28.12.2018 kello 1.38 
Thanks, Kam!