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Automated Scout Ships (2.1)
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Automated Scout Ships (2.1)

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1.9.x version here

- This mod is no longer being worked on.

These are fully auto-designed. Just build one or two (from your shipyard) and go.

This is version 2 of my Automated Scouts mod, for Stellaris 2.0. It uses the S1 corvette model for the scout ship, the Humanoid version being a custom model I made from the S3 ship, so there is a graphically appropriate scout for each shipset.

Because of issues with the distance_to_empire trigger, they no longer try to be very smart. They will move to the closest unexplored system.

They will return to port for repair when they think they're damaged.

If they can't reach any undiscovered system (or there are none left), they will switch to 'patrolling' systems on their own, moving to one low-medium info system after another, based on sensor range and how recently systems were patrolled.

Note that, although you can set them to aggressive, all these poor guys have is a single point defense slot. Which they can't even equip at first.

Additionally, while you can spam a lot of these, they have maintenance. Multiples can do some seemingly illogical things as well.

Compatibility: Adds entries to a number of namelists.
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11 kommenttia
Ariphaos  [tekijä] 30.11.2018 kello 13.12 
It's not so much a 'feature or bug' as an unfortunate requirement to allow non-scientist led ships to explore uncharted systems.
Oldhip 29.11.2018 kello 21.45 
So am I right in assuming these can't survey, just fly past and you loose any info they might pick up and yes they do expose all hyperlanes which is a shame.
StormFather 5.6.2018 kello 4.13 
I've noticed when this mod is activated the entire galaxys hyperlanes are revealed from day 1, is this a feature or a bug? I'm fairly sure its this mod as it doesnt happen when uninstalled.
Ariphaos  [tekijä] 15.3.2018 kello 12.52 
Is this on a new game or established? Are you running 2.0.1 or the beta?
henk 15.3.2018 kello 4.49 
I tried this mod, and I can add them with ship designer.

When I build them how-ever they don't do anything, unless I tell them to scout Oo
jtbush00 7.3.2018 kello 15.43 
ok I think I figured out what happened. They will sometimes not show up or perform their functions during campaigns that started before the mod was subscribed.
jtbush00 7.3.2018 kello 15.29 
I got it, it didn'yt show up before
Ariphaos  [tekijä] 7.3.2018 kello 14.37 
@jtbush00 you should find them in your shipyard, like the (new) picture shows.

@Peter34 no, the AI needs to be specifically instructed to build ships like these as far as I am aware.

@Pode enjoy!
jtbush00 7.3.2018 kello 10.59 
They are not showing up for me I don't know if I am doing something wrong or something I missread in the description.
Pode 7.3.2018 kello 7.04 
Oooh. Do want. FTL Scout Probes was my old standby, but automated makes these even more attractive. Adding to my Primitive Players collection, as automatic probes have a lot of value before FTL.