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Resident Evil - Vector (Revised)
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Type: Model, Addon
Tags: Fun, Comic
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24.2.2013 kello 18.36
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Resident Evil - Vector (Revised)

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I fixed up the Vector model from Resident Evil so it used the game's original bump and specular maps, as well as changed rigging.

This is only a ragdoll, but anybody can make NPCs/Playermodels if they feel so inclined.

Credits go to Nikout for the original addon, and to Capcom for the game.
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96 kommenttia
Azarav 27.1.2017 kello 10.56 
pvtTunt 12.8.2016 kello 11.53 
The guy on the left is HUNK.
Skorpion 18.7.2016 kello 13.34 
in the first pic whos the guy on the left?
ATOMIC! 26.5.2016 kello 7.13 
Guys help pls. When I download some props or ragdolls I cant find them in menu. Where are they located? (menu is by pressing "q")
AwesomeCrazyPro 18.5.2016 kello 18.26 
the one by "Vipes" was a bad idea for getting it, if its on CAPCOM they can go to hell for there dumb work
ZyoH 22.8.2015 kello 22.11 
@Vipes GOOD GOB MATE !!! this is cool where did you get the website or stuff to make player models?
Vipes 25.1.2014 kello 9.50 
Here you go. I was asked awhile back to do it, but just got around to doing so.
Chip-Chip Shortbeard 30.12.2013 kello 16.11 
Please make playermodel cos that ragdoll is so spectacular this is a request
Григорій Квітка-О 15.11.2013 kello 5.57 
Variuhs 11.11.2013 kello 22.36 
PLAYER MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?