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Cities: Skylines

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Nivelles Town House 1
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Nivelles Town House 1

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1 kokoelmassa, tekijä Lost Gecko
Traditional Architecture - Belgium
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Traditional 16th century brick and stone town house from Nivelles, Belgium.
2x1 level 5 low-density residential. 4 brightness variations on the roof.

main model
tris: 590
textures: 512x1024 (diffuse-normal-specular-color-illumination)
tris: 19
textures: 128x128 (diffuse-specular-color-illumination)

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12 kommenttia
macluk 4.11.2018 kello 5.52 
Is it why it's not loading? Where is it gone? :(
Gammro 9.10.2018 kello 13.38 
Lucky for me there were only about 8 that disappeared in a very specific part of town, and I was able to pinpoint what building it was from old screenshots. So all is well now.
Lost Gecko  [tekijä] 9.10.2018 kello 12.45 
@Gammro Oh crap, I tried to avoid it but many of my old assets have problematic filenames, it looks like this one got screwed. Sorry about that, nothing I can do unfortunately… :(
Gammro 9.10.2018 kello 12.01 
I think the update to this building made every instance of it disappear from my game.
the red baron 25.11.2017 kello 6.11 
bien joué! heureux de trouver cette maison de notre belle région ^^
Lost Gecko  [tekijä] 28.9.2017 kello 1.53 
Thank you everyone! :)
MrMaison 25.9.2017 kello 16.47 
Very nice!
CFC94 21.9.2017 kello 2.51 
Magnifique !
Mik_Kael 20.9.2017 kello 13.36 
superbe j'adore (je suis Belge !) +
Seizheurdumat 19.9.2017 kello 22.22 
OMG merci à toi