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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Sukritact's Swahili: Al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman
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Sukritact's Swahili: Al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman

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Wa-Swahili, or “shore people”, designates the inhabitants of the East African coastline, and signifies above all a culture with a common language, Kiswahili, and the same religion, Islam. The medieval sites along the Swahili Coast represent a single cultural tradition with diverse local traditions that can be traced to the ninth century, which is considered to have developed into the modern Swahili culture. Currently, there are 173 identified settlements that flourished along the Swahili Coast and nearby Islands from the ninth to the seventeenth centuries, which include the sites of Kilwa, Malindi, Gedi, Pate, Comoros, and Zanzibar.

Sultan al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman, often referred to as “Abu’l-Mawahib” (“father of gifts”), was the ruler of the city-state of Kilwa, from 1310 until 1333. Sultan al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman is reported to have have been a generous and intelligent man. Numerous construction projects took place during his reign, including the building of the Palace of Husuni Kubwa and a significant extension to the Great Mosque of Kilwa.


Unique Ability: Coral Construction - Districts in coastal Cities receive a Major adjacency bonus from the City Centre, and a standard bonus from being adjacent to a Harbor. +30% Production towards Traders.

Unique Unit: Jahazi - Swahili unique Medieval era support unit. +1 Food and +1 Production to adjacent water tiles. Adjacent naval units may heal outside friendly territory. Like the Builder, its price increases for each copy you train.

Unique Building: Pillar Tomb - A building unique to the Swahili. The Pillar Tomb is cheaper than the Monument which it replaces and provides +1 Great Merchant Point for every 2 Districts adjacent to the City Centre (rounded up).


Al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman:

Leader Ability: Palace of Husuni Kubwa - The Harbor District provides +1 Housing and +1 Culture, increasing to +3 Housing and +2 Culture if adjacent to a City Centre. Recieve Great Admiral and Great Merchant points from training Jahazis and Naval units.

Agenda: Father of Gifts - Dislikes civilizations who are competing for Great People if they do not develop their cities. Admires civilizations that maintain the maximum number of districts in most cities and is home to many Great People.

The Swahili use Persia's music. The mod should be playable without the Persia DLC, but there will be no music.
As the UA's adjacency bonus is done via modifiers, the bonus will not display in the UI unless you use Simple UI Adjustments. ( )
The Zanzibar City-State is renamed Ternate
This leader is not animated.

Credits to SeelingCat for help with the City List, and DarthKyofu for help with the TSL.
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59 kommenttia
Cuso 27.9. kello 21.36 
For some reason, since the september update you can build the pilar tomb and the monument, it doesn't replace it
Cuso 21.8. kello 11.18 
Hi! I love this civ, I haven't got to industrializationin my current game but Iv'e noticed I can't buy Jahazis if the city is not in the coast. Having a harbor unlocks it in the production panel but when buying one (and they are NOT cheap) they don't appear. I hope you can fix it!
Captain Fargle 7.5. kello 7.23 
Wanted to report a bug I'm having with this mod in Gathering Storm. While this mod is active the Statue of Liberty for some reason gives the bonuses it had in Rise and Fall instead of the updated +1 Dplo Victory point from Gathering Storm.
London brotherson 6.5. kello 18.01 
Is that uganda!
Wall of Light 23.4. kello 10.33 
Please disable obsoletion for the Jahazi unit. It comes out of nowhere and seriously screws with city planning and expansion.
Fitzmittens 5.4. kello 7.36 
Just to let you know Sukritact, since the update Swahili's adjacency buff for harbours and city centre is no longer working.

Thank you for making such an excellent mod that I have had hours of enjoyment from.
Komrade Kevin 9.3. kello 16.46 
"Said the Swahili on the Swahili coast" bill wurtz
Keyser Söze 1.3. kello 15.01 
Great mod! However, I think you should buff Coral Construction to have either a much higher (maybe even 100%) production boost to traders, or an additional benefit.
Faysal 1.11.2018 kello 13.00 
Llamageddon 3.6.2018 kello 7.27 
Yeah, my favourite civ, can't wait for R&F update. ;D