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Jun 18, 2018 @ 3:05am
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A dynamic AI mod that adjusts the AI sub skills based on the thickness of the foliage, what the unit can see, suppression of the unit and also now takes into account followup shots.


Main - Pipelines
CF_BAI now comes with a new API called the subskill Pipeline that allows multiple mods to set the units subskills at the same time without causing clashes between mods.

Subskill module
Can set all unit sub skills.
Uses Bushes/trees to determine how much foliage is about and reduce the units skill.
The reduction to skill is entire configurable with CBA settings.
Different Terrains can have different terrain count maximums set by default.
Each Unit sub skill can be impacted differently.
If you wish to disable the module you can do so from the configuration.

Detect Module (BETA1 - NEW)
Adds realistic vision like tests and capabilities
Extends the AI's vision range to that similar of players unaid (around 900m)
Extends the AI's vision range with optics to ~2KM
Takes account of a players stance, movement speed and surrounding foilage
Takes account of environmental conditions such as day/night, rain, fog
Takes account of AI awareness, equipment (binoculars, optics and nightvision) and spotting skill and time.
Takes account of the AI facing, existingKnowledge, distance and ensures a raycast.
Much of the chance of spotting is entirely configurable.
If you wish to disable the module you can do so from the configuration.

Suppression Module (BETA - NEW)
Uses the games internal detection for suppression and enhances the effect by adjusting the units subskills.
The suppression will not decay as rapidly as the base game taking 30 seconds to start dropping after bullets and 30 seconds to do so

Boost Module (BETA 2 - NEW)
A human player when shooting repeatedly at a target will adjust their fire based on where the rounds land. What this module does is simulate that by boosting the units skill after a series of shots. Very rapid fire is ignored as is close fire.
The effect wears off when the unit changes target where their knowledge is no longer useful

Subskills - The problem

Over many missions, we found open terrain had substantially less difficulty than combat in woodland, and Tanoa woodland is harder than Altis. The denser the woodland was the worse the situation became but it was also dependent on how big the trees were and where their branches and leaves were set. For many years we balanced this with individual missions setting skills slightly differently. CF_BAI requires very little in the way of tweaking and its purpose is to avoid per mission skill setup and to produce fair difficulty in a variety of terrain. It isn’t perfect because it uses the amount of vegetation around the AI unit to determine the dynamic adjustment to the AIs skill and the foliage around the players also impacts visibility. But despite its limitations it works very well to even out the skill across different types of missions.

Detect - The problem

Since the Apex DLC the AI has had a much reduced vision range maximum when on foot unaided. Initially BI set the value to around 600m but it now stands at just 320m when at full skill. Many releases have gone by and while we tried other ways to solve the issue eventually we came to the conclusion we needed to extend that using reveal and knowsAbout commands. The detect module executes a serious of vision tests to allow the unit to see substantially further. Each vision test is a pair of values, the first being the chance to see the unit and the second being how much knowledge they would gain from 0-1 (which maps to the games range of 0-4).

Be aware at the moment the detect routine has 3 flaws that I hope to address in the future. The first is that it is a player to AI spotting system currently whereas it should be side to side, so if you have friendly AI they will not be spotted or do spotting on the enemy. The second is it doesn't perform that well, what it currently does is throttle back its checks so that its impact on the server is minimal but you may see warnings in your logs about performance issues if its cadence can't be maintained. The third is that the fog detection does not work well and AI can currently see further than the player, so fog is not really recommended currently. There may also be issues with AI's getting enhanced vision in vehicles, technicals work but APCs might not.

Suppression - The problem

The games default suppression system doesn't have very much effect. Having tested it extensively my conclusion was whatever effect it has on the enemy is quite small and not easy to measure. It needs substantial numbers of bullets to get the suppressive effect to 1.0 and maintain it and yet the enemy can still seemingly return fire with full effect. This isn't realistic, an enemy under sustained suppressive fire should be hiding rather than returning fire and they should also be quite a bit less effective.

So just like with the subskills CF_BAI now reduces the AI's skills based on the suppressive value of the unit. While the mod uses the games suppression value it doesn't directly translate it, instead it uses it as a way to detect nearby shots and increases the value and sustains it for longer with larger decays up to a minute before the unit fully recovers. This at least makes the unit struggle to find who is suppressing him and return effective fire while suppressed. You can reduce any of the units skills and the mod by default reduces skills to 50% and 20% of their original values, which for most settings should make a suppressed unit quite ineffective.

Boost - The problem
Whenever you set the AIs skill you are trying to balance a variety of aspects. What we found was that players would repeak the same corner because the chance of getting hit was the same as the first time they looked around the corner. Yet a human on the other end is going to be prepared for that and much more accurately fire on followup shots. If you make the AI too accurate to begin with there is no warning, too easy and there is no challenge and you can't become pinned. What this does is punish the player for repeaking, it allows players to become pinned behind cover and also for snipers to appear to zone in and become great. 5--10% boost is pretty dramatic but the more you put the more these impacts will play out in your games.


CF_BAI can run on a server or locally and if its on both it will only mostly on the server when playing online. It must be installed client and server side. It can be installed with the standard mod installations.

If you wish to modify the way the mod is configured then CBA Settings is used and pressing escape in game and going to “addon options” will provide a mechanism to change the values. In multiplayer games the values on the server will be the only ones that apply. - Join us
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BrightCandle  [author] Nov 4 @ 10:03am 
I have two things in testing in our sessions at the moment. The first is the woodland subskills now takes account of the players situation as well and that will help with circumstances where players in the edge of the woodland and AI out in the open or vice versus. The other is a new algorithm for determining who should spot who and that allows AI to spot AI too with the detection algorithm. I am not sure quite when I will next release them, I have some performance issues with both to work out but they are coming in the next release assuming I can make them run well enough.
hauser Nov 4 @ 6:46am 
Is there currently any plan on solving the caveat with the detection system? It is fantastic that at least AI versus player detection works well, but it would be simply delightful if it worked between AI the same way too.

That aside, fantastic mod. The suppression system seriously adds a whole new dimension to gunfights, when the AI utilizes their firepower in the way most militaries do in the real world.
BrightCandle  [author] Sep 16 @ 1:17am 
@YonV you do not have permission. I can't grant you that anyway for Steam subscriber purposes because it requires you be an author of it, which you not. Contain it in a collection like everyone else.
YonV Sep 16 @ 12:44am 
May I have permission to include your mods in a unit custom mod pack
Goma Sep 2 @ 2:29am 
I wonder how "set unit subskills" interacts with other scenarios that also attempts to make changes to unit subskills.

Does this mod kinda overrides them, or is there any other stuff calculated?
Diveyez Aug 28 @ 5:12pm 
The performance hit from this mod is really bad.
Diveyez Aug 20 @ 2:39pm 
I cant wait till this is finished.
SteveTheHero Jul 8 @ 3:58pm 
Love that you're still updating this mod! Could you add a functional Knowledge transfer between AI, like ASR AI used to be? Basically if an enemy AI sees the player, all other squads/individual units get alerted and generate waypoints to attack, or just take cover and wait for the opponent. Thanks for reading and updating! :)
Diveyez Jun 30 @ 6:08pm 
This working after recent changes? It needs updating I see..
Goma Jun 22 @ 12:36am 
Thanks BrightCandle for the response :)

I'm really loving this mod after I managed to brutally destroy an enemy squad with true fire superiority implemented by this mod!

Looking forward to seeing further development in the future.