Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Type: Map, Addon
Tags: Scenic, Water
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1 jul 2017 om 16:14
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A small Trouble in Terrorist Town map, set on an oilrig.

~ 6-8 players recommended. Whilst there are enough player spawns for up to 16 players, weapons and ammunition would be too scarce for this number of players. More weapon spawns can be added manually if necessary ( ).

Released openly on GitHub, under the GPLv3 license ( ).

Credits to ASTFA for the helipad decal ( ).
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4 opmerkingen
Theodore Strönk 15 sep 2017 om 11:48 
Fucking amazing.
clogg  [auteur] 20 jul 2017 om 11:00 
Alright, the source release is on GitHub, in the description.
You're free to publish a modified version (gm_northsea, or even another name altogether).
clogg  [auteur] 20 jul 2017 om 10:49 
I'm afraid I don't have time to make the changes myself, but I'll upload the VMF to GitHub now so you can make changes yourself.
Geisteskrankenchan 19 jul 2017 om 9:50 
That's a very great map. Could you add the seabed though and make AI nodes for sandbox players?