Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Greenlight stopt ermee. Meer informatie over het inzenden van spellen op Steam vind je nu in deze blogpost.
Valiant Saga
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Platforms: PC
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30 apr 2017 om 14:39
23 mei 2017 om 6:58
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Valiant Saga - New Update
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About Valiant Saga

In Valiant Saga, live the experience of a kingdom in despair. An evil sorcerer has seized the legendary relic known as the Scepter of Desolation, which, according to legend, is able to grant the absolute darkest powers to the one who finds it.

Wielding the Scepter of Desolation, Reignhart has become a Necromancer, and thirsts for revenge against the kingdom of Filgaia. His power nearly unstoppable, Reignhart must be stopped before the realm is bathed in blood.

- 2D Game in "ClassicVania" Style.
- Original Pixel Art.
- Exclusive Epic Metal Soundtrack
- Challenging difficulty.
- Choose stages through the World Map, and return to them again to access more areas and secrets.
- Talk to NPCs around villages to learn more of your enemy and the world.
- Use items stored in your inventory to help you in your quest.
- Collectible Relics and Secondary Missions enhance the story and add replay factor
- Improve your skills as you progress through the game.
- Non-linear progression.
- Captivating storyline.

With your Mighty Axe, fight against the Necromancer Reignhart, and his terrible forces of darkness.

Demo and Crowdfunding Campaign coming soon!

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8 mrt om 15:37
Tradução para Português
4RTR0X ^_~
8 mrt om 15:36
Traducción para el castellano
11 mei 2017 om 12:43
Ark Daze
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Pixhitt  [auteur] 8 mrt om 15:36 
Yeah dani17val! We´re working hard on it. Sorry about the delay
dani17val 27 dec 2017 om 6:14 
@Pixhitt You will continue with Valiant Saga??
Pixhitt  [auteur] 8 okt 2017 om 18:27 
@oda.iori muito obrigado pelo apoio :)
oda.iori 11 aug 2017 om 20:06 
Nós da TSG Comunidades de videogames estamos torcendo por vocês.
FiB. Mi$TeR RoWDiGao 2 jul 2017 om 16:38 
De nada mano!!!n TMJ! :v :steamhappy:
Pixhitt  [auteur] 2 jul 2017 om 8:54 
@Mi$TeR RoWDiGao Obrigado Rodrigo! tmj
Pixhitt  [auteur] 2 jul 2017 om 8:54 
@dani17val thank you dude! Stay tunned
FiB. Mi$TeR RoWDiGao 16 jun 2017 om 12:18 
Valeu mano!! :)
Beleza cara!!! :v
Aguardo com alegria as informações! rsrs
Pô sugestão legal essa do @pabloxd100,seria legal mesmo ver alguns personagens clássicos dos Hack n Slash nesse game!! :v
Cada um com uma jogabilidade,história e habilidades diferentes!!
Esse game vai ficar foda!! :v
dani17val 6 jun 2017 om 4:11 
THX,all my friends and me can't wait for demo!! Good Luck!