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UI Blue Theme
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6 jan 2017 om 7:46
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UI Blue Theme


This is the ui blue theme standalone mod from my main mod Mass Effect Theme Pack. It's replacing Stellaris green color. I have replaced here my homemade menu background which was related to mass effect, so this mod has the original stellaris menu background, but it's blue here. I did not replaced stellaris loading screens in this mod.

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8 apr 2017 om 2:51
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Chilled Legumes
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[HAN]Sephiroth 27 dec 2018 om 18:55 
Updata please!
Raemus 9 dec 2018 om 9:27 
Can somebody Update this???
Azurite 12 feb 2018 om 15:54 
Brings me back to Battlefield 3, those were the days...
Bird Up 10 dec 2017 om 21:22 
nvm, I'm retarded. The post below mine provides a link to an updated version.
Bird Up 10 dec 2017 om 21:18 
This mod needs an update as it doesn't work for 1.9
Crusader Vanguard 14 okt 2017 om 15:05 
@EVERYONE - I have updated this mod to function with Patch 1.8.2. Please visit this link to find it:
JAD.YGO 21 sep 2017 om 13:01 
rip this. It looks so much nicer than all the other ui mods. The green text on the side has been replaced with blue and none of the others do that ;(
Nesano 9 mei 2017 om 15:46 
Yeah, this mod's pretty much been pegged as abandoned. Go check out the cyan one.
Spirit 9 mei 2017 om 12:54 
need a update ... crash the game every time
ĦØⱢỊϾ Șῌ⊙₮ 20 apr 2017 om 22:47 
I still wish this one would update, but I'll check out the cyan one mentioned below